Have you ever had a list of brands that you are determined to add to your wardrobe? The Ragged Priest have been a brand I've had on my radar and have been wanting to own something from them but could never quite justify the price. That's why I was so thrilled to see this dress on sale! 


Statistics. Something I feel a lot of us bloggers have a love/ hate relationship with. I can't quite pin point the moment I became quite so concerned with my stats. I wish I could go back to the mentality I had when I first started blogging and I had no idea what my stats meant. Blogging isn't about your statistics at all- so why am I so bothered about them?



Will I ever feel as cool as I did when shooting the photos for this blog post? Probably not. I am in love with this outfit! It's a lil different to what I would usually wear or even showcase here on my blog but I think that's one of the things I love the most about it! It's so different yet still very much me. The 90s have been an era I take a lot of my style inspiration from and I have never felt more like a 90s roadie!


This time last week I was in Liverpool having the best time of my life. It was my first trip to Liverpool and I feel like when you go to a city you've never been to and you only go for just over a day that there is a LOT to pack in and boy did we pack a lot in!


It's officially September- can I start talking and getting excited about Autumn now?! Nothing gives me greater joy in life than the season of Autumn! It is without a doubt my favourite season and one of the reasons for that being the change in fashion - y'all thought i was gonna say Halloween, didn't you ;) well that too because you know I love all things a lil spooky! 


How is it nearly September?! I feel like August will always be one of my favourite months of the year- mainly because I'm a teacher and am off work the entire month and it's my birthday (but we're just gonna forget THAT ever happened). This month has been so insane and even now I can't quite believe everything I've managed to pack into this month!


 I always find transitioning between seasons really difficult, particularly from Summer to Autumn. It's too cold to not wear a jacket, but it's still too warm for me to break out the winter coat just yet. It's always around these transition periods that I find myself reaching for my leather jacket- well more than I usually would! A leather jacket is the perfect item during transitional seasons and they're the perfect outerwear for any occasion!


Eyebrows. I feel like a trend that has pretty much taken over the world is the want/need to have flawless eyebrows. I know that I am always on the look out for ways in which I can up my brow game. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to eyebrows I wish were my own and am in constant envy of people I see that are blessed with good brows. So, I was beyond excited when Billion Dollar Brows sent me their Universal Eyebrow Pencil* to try.


On the day we planned to shoot these, it was forecasted rain and I was in two minds whether I should just go another day. But, never one to waste an opportunity to shoot an outfit for my blog, I decided that I would brace the elements and go ahead with the shoot despite the rain. With that being said, it did mean this blog post has turned into a slightly 2 for 1 deal, as I did manage to take a few shots of the outfit I had planned... but I also had to take some shots wearing my coat because it was really cold!


So I just want to put it out there that I am not a professional and in no way qualified to be giving advice what so ever. That being said, I have been blogging for around 15 months now and I've picked up so many useful tips/ tricks that has really helped me improve the quality of my blogging- things I wish I had known back in the beginning! I asked all you lovely peeps who follow me on Twitter whether this would be something you would want to read and surprisingly you did- so your wish is my command!