So, this week I hit a pretty huge life milestone. I finally graduated! On Thursday I graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Primary Education and it was a pretty huge moment for me! I have changed so much over the past three years and for everything I have been working towards to finally come to this was just a pretty amazing and overwhelming feeling!


When this post goes live it will be a day before my graduation. I still kinda can't believe that I made it through university or that my three years of studying are over. It's gone so unbelievably fast and for me finishing university marks the end of an era, I guess. In a good way! I changed so much during my time at university, it changed me as a person and allowed me to become the person I have always wanted to be.


What?! An outfit post that features hardly any black! I know, I'm just as shocked as you are. However, there is a story behind this. So, I'm a primary school teacher and the school I work in have a summer concert every year with a different theme, some of the past themes have been- decades, the west end, the jubilee etc. The theme for this years concert is Woodstock. 


How are we half way through 2017 already?! This year is going so incredibly fast and I don't quite know whether I can keep up! It seems like a few weeks ago that I published my LOOKING FORWARD TO 2017 post, in which I created a list of the things I wanted to accomplish this year.


Finding new locations has become one of my favourite things about blogging and recently I have been having a ton of fun exploring new blogging locations with my photographer/ mother/ best friend. Seeing as the sun was out, we decided to venture to the woods where we used to walk my dog. This made the perfect location because not only could I get some great shots, we could also bring along Coco and she enjoyed a long walk around Ploughman Wood.


It's July?! How did that happen. I can't believe we are pretty much half way through 2017 all ready?! This month has been pretty big and I feel like I have been busy every day this month from working, blogging, moving back to Nottingham full time. Anyways, time for me to share some of my favourite moments from June.


Really showing some love for my favourite film this week! So this is going to be another Beetlejuice inspired post, this time thanks to the most incredible pair of trousers in the world! I have been after a pair of striped trousers for so long and I think I have finally fount the perfect pair! 


Guess who finally got inked?! That's right, a few days ago I finally stopped being a baby and got my first tattoo! Getting a tattoo is a big deal, especially when it's your first so I thought I would share with you my experience and tell you all about why I decided to get a tattoo and what my tattoo means to me.


One of the things I have begun to love the most about blogging is getting out of my house and finding new places to take my photos! Being an introvert/ all-round anxious person sometimes I find comfort in staying inside. It's where I feel safe and don't constantly worry about what people are thinking or making judgements about the way I dress.


It finally happened. I finally saw Paramore! I feel like I have been waiting forever to see this band and honestly being this patient definitely payed off! There are no words to describe how incredible they are and the whole day was filled with positivity, good vibes and a lot of emotion!