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25 September 2016


Putting on my makeup is my favourite thing to do. I like to experiment with my makeup but like everyone have my favourite go to's to help make me look and feel my best.

Naked Basics 2 Pallette.
I'm a member of the #strongbrowgame crew and doing my eyebrows is my favourite part of my morning routine. To do my brows I always use the 'undone' shade of this pallette. I know some of you must be thinking - She does know it's eyeshaddow right? I find that I am more comfortable using the shaddow to fill in my brows as it's easier to control and gives them a more natural finish.

Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Pallette.
This pallette has quickly become my saviour! Easily the best pallette I've brought and each shade has beautiful pigment! My favourite shades atm are: Skylight, Ice Cloud, Lonely Planet and Super Gold. The wide choice of different shades, including matte and shimmer, give an endless amount of opportunities to create eyelid masterpieces!

Bourjous Liner Pinceau Ultra Black Eyeliner
Who doesn't love a good wing? I have used a number of different products and this is without a doubt my favourite! This liquid eyeliner is so easy to apply and has a fine precise tip which allows you to create as thick a line as you like and create that perfect wing.

Barry M Face and Body Shimmer
I've finally gotten on board with the highlight trend. I'm secretly a fairy so you know, ya girls gotta sparkle! I've tried highlight product but the shine was never as bright as I wanted so I decided to just straight up use body shimmer. Intense, I know. This product lets out my inner glitter and I can now share my sparkle with the world!

Freedom Pro Studio Fixing Spray
After spending so long doing my makeup I gotta make sure it stays on my face all day! I love this fixing spray and it does the job. I struggle to use a lot of the fixing sprays as they are all 'oil-control' but I have really dry skin so it just dries out my face more than usual. However, I have found the product of my dreams in this spray! I couldn't be without it.

Let me know your go to makeup products below.

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  1. Absolutely love this. I neeeeed that fixing spray - how much is it? *heart eye emoji*

    1. Thank you lovely! It's £5 here's the link https://www.tambeauty.com/en/Freedom-Makeup-London-Pro-Studio-Fixing-Spray-100ml/m-964.aspx <33

  2. I'm with you - shadow in the brows is so much lighter and natural to me. And I love to use a couple of different shades together to get a look that matches my roots best (#ombrehairproblems).


  3. I've just discovered makeup revolution and I love it!! Such an affordable quality brand! Lovely post as always beautiful! xx

  4. I used to always use eyeshadow/powders for my brows and still do sometimes when I'm in a rush because I find it much quicker and more forgiving than pomades etc. That Makeup Rev palette is gorgeous and I may have to try that fixing spray once my NYX dewy one runs out!

    Pandora xo

  5. I love this post! I am the same I adore my Naked pallette! I also use eyeshadow for my brows and definitely going to try the fixing spray x



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