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14 September 2016


Autumn is right around the corner and I can already feel the temperature beginning to drop and the heat of summer becoming a fond memory.

This is my favourite season for fashion because I love all the colours and layers that this season brings. Each year I like to go out and buy a few new key staple pieces that update my wardrobe. This year for my wardrobe I'm feeling deep shades of colours like green and burgundy, mustard yellow and of course my fave style staple- leather!

*Side Note- taking outfit photos are really hard when 1. you're the only model and 2. you're the only photographer available. I tried my best so please don't hate my awful attempts at taking fashion photos >.< love ya!*

 Ditsy Floral Print Blouse // Primark // £10
Faux Leather Pinafore // Primark // £10

 Faux Leather Green Skirt // New Look // £17.99

Mustard Yellow Jumper// H&M // £7.99

 Faux Fur Coat// local charity shop // £15

Navy Blue Satchel Backpack // Zara // £29.99

Navy Blue Satchel Backpack // Zara // £29.99

 Here are some truly wonderful outtakes of me getting frustrated with not being able to get the pictures I wanted and messing around to relieve stress!

Let me know about your key A/W fashion pieces! And I apologise again for my poor photo taking skills haha.


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  1. Love all the clothes you got! x

  2. I absolutely love this post!! The clothes are absolutely gorgeous - Primark are winning at the moment :) loving the photos at the end too haha xx

  3. I love that skirt :) x


  4. I love these, that orange jumper is so gorgeous! I am so glad I came across your blog, it's so lovely.. I love finding new ones like this to read! x


  5. I really enjoyed this post and I love your Autumn picks, they all really suit you! I also have a leopard print coat that I always break out around Winter time, such a fab find

    Pandora xo


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