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18 September 2016


I've always loved unusually beautiful hair and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to dye mine blue. However, I have work commitments that mean I can't have my dream of blue hair. Throw in the fact that I've been dying my hair black for the past three years and the condition of my hair, I don't want to risk bleaching! So I decided to buy a wig.

I bought my wig from Lush Wigs (https://www.lushwigs.com/), an online company that specialises in synthetic wigs. Honestly, there was so much to choose from that I spent a good two hours trying to narrow down my choices. I finally settled on Precious Metal- a beautiful blue wig.


Wig prices vary from £24.99 to around £52, depending on the style. I was more than happy to pay £24.99 for my wig and after researching prices on other websites this seems to me to be the best website for price and quality. 


I was really impressed with delivery. Considering that I ordered around bank holiday I was expecting to wait longer, however, it arrived within the 3-4 days stated on the website and I was thrilled!


Where do I even start!? It's beautiful! The colour is really vibrant and the exact shade of blue I have wanted for so long. The wig itself is thick and after brushing it with a wide tooth comb there has been little shedding.

The main concern for me was that it would look like I was wearing a wig. I didn't want it to be obvious. I had no need to be worried the wig sits so comfortably on my head, the hair doesn't look nor feel that unsimilar to my own hair and the length for me is the perfect length for naturally long hair.

I have since worn this wig out on various occasions and have received nothing but compliments. People are genuinly shocked when I tell them it's a wig. This wig has been on the best purchases I have ever made and this most definitley won't be my last!

For me wigs are a perfect alternative to dying your hair. If you want different coloured hair or to try a different length without the commitment and upkeep then wigs are the way forward. I can't wait to purchase more and try out different styles.

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  1. Bloody love this wig, you absolute beaut. xxxx

  2. I love that your wig is like MY HAIR. :D It was actually reviewing a wig that made me start dying my hair bright colours in the first place!!!!!!! It looks wonderful on you

  3. I like this, I love that you still found a way to have what you want without risking anything else you have! Lovely colour! Thanks for sharing!


  4. That is such a pretty shade of blue!! I wish I could pull something like this off, you wear it so well! x

  5. Love this! I have coloured my hair many times, never blue but what a great way to try it out. You look Beautiful the colour really suits you!

  6. Good idea. I just dye my hair because I'm like that but this is definitely brilliant.

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com

  7. Love the colour chick, I always worry in case it was really obvious but you actually can't notice at all!
    Fab post!
    Charlotte xx

  8. I love crazy colors, too, but am also afraid of damaging my hair with bleach. A wig is an awesome idea and it looks gorgeous!!

  9. This looks gorgeous and the colour really suits you! I can see why you've gotten so many compliments X

  10. Awww this was lovely! And that wig definitely looks gorgeous on you hun <3 x


  11. The question of whether you should get a wig made of synthetic or human hair fibers is much a matter of what you intend to use it for, how long you will be needing the wig, how often you'll wear it and that ever important factor of budget. Purple lace front wig


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