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11 September 2016


What do you think of when you hear girl power? The Spice Girls, a trend, feminists?
The new wave of feminism has shifted to a focus on girl power. Whatever your opinions are of feminism and whether it is a positive or counter-productive movement, there is something really empowering behind the idea of girls supporting girls.

What does girl power mean to me?

I see girl power as an incredible movement to empower women everywhere to achieve their own success. This movement is about supporting other women in business, music, everyday life and being supportive towards those striving towards their goals. I will never forget what a teacher I had once said to me "This world is not easy for women. We need to support each other because God knows men aren't going to do it". This will stay with me my entire life. If we as women call each other names and put each other down based on their personal life choices or the amount of success they are having, aren't we just saying that it's okay for men to do this to?
That's why I love the idea of girl power- supporting girls and empowering them to be the best they can be. Which really should just be a given for everyone in this world.

Empowering Women. 

 It has become an alarming trend for women to be negative towards themselves. I am overwhelmed with the amount of times in a day I hear a women say they aren't pretty or thin enough or that they can't do something "because I'm a girl". I feel it is our duty to empower these young girls and women to feel and be the best person they can be. This is what the whole girl power movement is about- spreading the message that yes you are a women and that is something to be insanely proud about because you are strong and capable of great things!

So support that girl in your class who feels she isn't smart enough. Encourage your friend she should try out for her favourite sports team. Tell that girl on Twitter that her highlight is flawless. Buy from that girl who has created her own business. Support girls and join the movement because together we are hella strong and can do anything.

Girl power forever!

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  1. I am loving this post, Robyn! "Tell that girl on Twitter that her highlight is flawless" yaaaaas!! Also adore your t-shirt xo

  2. Ah love this!! I agree, we need to compliment and boost people more!!!
    Love your top! xox

  3. Such a cool post Robyn!! All for sharing the love and supporting my fellow badass ladies. Your teacher sounds like a very wise woman - wish my teachers had imparted words of wisdom like that on me.

    Jess xx


  4. LOOOOOOOVE THIIIIIIIS! So important to support each other and spread the love as we are so quick to tear ourselves (and sometimes others) down! x

    Stephanie // www.stephiebeau.com

  5. Great post! I'm all about girl power!

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com/

  6. I LOVE THIS. I completely agree with everything, I love your message. Girls need to support each other!! I loved reading this so much x

    Sofia | www.theglamchapter.blogspot.com

  7. Love this! And I totally agree, especially in this time and day we all need a little girl power to help us along! We can get so lost in our thoughts and the thoughts of others. This is such an important message and should be shouted by everyone! Lovely post xo

    Em // www.emilyybecca.wordpress.com

  8. Love reading posts like this, it's so important to empower one another and it's a message that needs to be spread more often! Great read! X

    Small, Brown & Stylish | Thrifty Fashion & DIY Blog

  9. I am all about this! Empowering women and working together rather than competing against one another is so important!


  10. Empowerment is so important and it can be hard to be a woman in this day and age.

    I'm happy to hear that there are feminist bloggers out there!


  11. This was such a lovely post Robyn, I love how you are so positive about this. And to be frank it is beautiful when girls empower one another. it's such a negative thing when there are some girls that bring one another down. It's not right. And that quote your teacher said is impactful. Honestly can feel the strength and some honesty in it.


  12. Loooovvve this!! We all need more positivity in our lives x

    Emma | earthtoemma.com

  13. this is such a great post! we all need to lift each other up! XX


  14. I love the whole idea of "girl power!" It's so uplifting and empowering. Have you heard of the blogger community I'm also in called "GRL POWR?" It's also great to be included in something like that- pretty inspiring! Great post lovely X

  15. Yes! I love this post! It's always good to support our fellow sisters! We need to start supporting and lifting instead of judging!

    Lovely blogpost xx
    Francesca xx

  16. Really love this! It's so important to empower one another! Also I neeeed that top in my life x


  17. Love this! Girls need to stop bitching at each other and empower each other instead


  18. When I hear girl power I usually think of myself 🙈 not that I am bragging, but I have been loving lifting people. But you can't help someone who doesn't want your help, It's sad but true.

    GIGI ° www.bombshelldrawer.com

  19. This is so sweet and I love it! I hate that girls feel the need to tear each other down and are so competitive with each other. Why can't we all succeed? It's bad enough having to compete with boys to be thought of as equal and to be appreciated, we shouldn't do it to girls going through the same struggle!

    I got your back, bro.
    Teri-May xx

  20. Wow this is such a beautiful post! I don;t know how or why the competition started but I'm so happy to see so many girls and women working to empower eachother instead <3

  21. This is such a good post. Honestly, it's satisfying to see someone talk about Girl Power and not necessarily talk about it from a feminist standpoint. Just talking about Girl Power and what it means. It's just lovely and this was such a good read.

    Also, I absolutely support my local Girl Gang. ^^

    ●ω● | Waiting for June.

  22. Check out our page! We are all about supporting our local girl gang!



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