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5 October 2016


I am a fan of dark, spooky makeup all year round, however, during the run-up to Halloween I like to embrace the dark eye, extreme wing and deep lip colour. Here are my makeup essentials to help you embrace the Halloween spirit into your everyday makeup routine (without scaring any children!).

Makeup Revolution's Fortune the Brave Pallette - £9.99

Okay so it's no secret that this is my favourite eye shaddow palette and it has been feautured on my blog before. There are just so many amazing eye looks that can be created from this one pallete! When creating a darker look I tend to use the purples or I absolutely adore the blues in this pallete. The colours are so pigmented and can be easily paired together to create an entire new colour. 

Freedom's Vamp Lipstick Collection- £5

I brought this collection last year and can honestly say it fulfils all my vamp dreams! If you are looking to add a little vamp into your life, then this is perfect. There are a selection of red and purple shades to help add a little spook to your everyday look. 

Makeup Revolution's Metal Eye Foil- £3 (on sale!) 
Okay so I like to sparkle! When I first heard of these foils I knew I had to try them. The green is such a beautiful colour and adds a little extra to my daily look. The idea of mixing the paste with an eye primer before applying was new to me but I loved it and it stays in place all day!

Barry M's Gelly Nail Paint and Mate Nail Paint- £3.99
The easiest way to get into the Halloween spirit this month is to paint your nails a darker colour. My faves are matte black or the hi-shine in a burgundy colour. The nail paints are a beautiful colour and are sure to add a little spook into your life.

Soap and Glory's Thick and Fast Mascara - £10
 Thick lashes are one of my must haves for Halloween. If they don't resemble sophisticated spider legs, you're doing it wrong! I love this mascara as it does exactly the job of making my eyelashes looking so long and thick and like I could destroy the soul of any man. Job done!

Eyeliner: Bourjouis Black Eyeliner- £6.99, Revolution Blue Eyeliner- £1 & Rimmel White Eyeliner- £5.99 

I love winged eyeliner. So for a spooky look I like to pair my black eyeliner with blue or white to add something extra to my look. If you want to add a little Halloween to your look I would try using a white eyeliner, it's something that's not to extreme but that's different and will definitely have people talking!

How do you add a little Halloween love into your everyday makeup routine?

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  1. YES YES YES YES YES, THEM LIPSTICKS ARE AMAZINGGGGGG! And let's not even mention the eye palette! I need them all in my life! x

  2. Love all these items, especially the eye-shadow palette! I really need to bite the bullet and buy more stuff like this! Great post lovely xx

  3. Those freedom vamp lipsticks look awesome! And so does the metal eye foil! I am such a sucker for adding Halloween inspired make up into my routine in October, it always makes me feel great. I love your picks.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  4. How amazing is that eyeshadow palette? :O I can't believe I've not seen it before! BtwI love your logo it's beaut x

    Becca theapresgal x

  5. I need that eyeshadow palette in my life! It's gorgeous! I also need to check out those lipsticks as I have been loving a dark lip in Autumn and Winter :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  6. The eye shadow palette looks beautiful, and the Barry m nail varnish are my favourites X

  7. Everything looks gorgeous and i'm in love with your palette x justwrittenme.wordpress.com

  8. Black Matt nails are always my go to - Halloween or not! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Those lipsticks look absolutely amazing. 'Goth Chic' - I love it! xx

  10. So pretty and amazing! Ah, I love matte black nails. And of course, the eye shadow palette looks absolutely beautiful.

    Kayla | http://uncrea.wordpress.com

  11. so gorgeous! I love the lipstick, palette and nails, like girl it's gorgeous! And the photographs are lovely <3


  12. I love that eyeshadow palette! It's beautiful and definitely perfect for this time of year. Also loving that vamp lipstick collection. Certainly can't go wrong with the price. As for eyeliner.. all year around ;) Great post, lovely! xo


  13. I like that palette. I might need to go find it!

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com/

  14. I love the idea of adding a little bit of Halloween magic to your make up, I've done my nails in Charcoal Grey and Copper and they look so Halloween-y. I might have to try a couple of other tricks of yours too!

  15. Now, these are some beautiful makeup bits! Would love to see a full face of makeup using these products

    Becca // www.beccasloveforlife.blogspot.co.uk


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