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30 October 2016


IT'S HALLOWEEN! Well not quite. But since Halloween falls on a Monday (2016 sucks guys) and I'm on my teaching placement, the most I'll be doing tomorrow night is marking and watching a Halloween film. So I thought for my final (almost!) post of Blogoween I would share with you what I've been doing to celebrate Halloween this week.

Ghost Walk
So I live in a historic town and what better way to spend the week before Halloween than going on a ghost walk! I'm a believer of ghosts and this was so interesting. I'm a bit of a history nerd and love learning about individual people's lives so I was fascinated to learn about the people behind the ghost sightings and how they came to pass. I also learnt that the hotel I live across is the most haunted place in Lincoln (if you ever stay there I don't reccommend staying on the second or top floor- just sayin). I loved learning about the history of the sightings and I even caught a picture of an orb- just call me Yvette Fielding!

Adding to My Collection
One of my favourite things to do over Halloween is buy decor which I'll keep up all year round! This week I finished adding to my collection and I'm so glad with all of my new purchases. This year I was really into candleholders and I loved all the cute designs on them this year. I'm also obsessed with my Nightmare Before Christmas Leggings! They are my favourite addition to my Halloween collection. 

Carving Pumpkins 
This year I had four pumpkins to carve. One of them I left because it was weirdly wonderful the way it was. After looking around on pinterest for inspiration I settled upon my designs and got to work. The one thing I hate about carving pumpkins is getting all of the seeds and pumpkin gunk out of the middle! Now I'm a bit of a freak for always wanting to keep my hands clean and I don't like things touching my hands- I know it's weird. So this is my nightmare but after that's done I have such a great time. I loved the designs I came up with this year and think they're my best Jack-O-Lantern's yet!

I hope you have all had or are going to have a fab Halloween and have fun whatever it is you're up to!

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  1. Wow that ghost walk sounds so interesting! I'm in the festive spirit this year for Halloween I'm feeling so cosy and happy, I wish I'd done something a bit more exciting though, I just laid in bed watching films and eating chocolate;)
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. Your pumpkins are brilliant! :D And the ghost walk sounds super interesting but I don't think I'd ever have the guts to do it haha.



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