20 November 2016


I have always struggled with self-confidence. I never feel good enough in anything I do and an area that really affects me is my personal body image. This isn't a post where I moan about being fat because I'm not and I personally don't believe anyone should be called "fat"- it's such an ugly word. However, I do have fat. Everyone does! This is about me learning to love the parts of my body that before I used to hate.

Chicken drummers, Thunder thighs.
These were my nicknames growing up. My family used to always comment on how my thighs were- let's say larger than average. I know they never meant it in a bad way but hearing this my entire life planted a seed of doubt in mind on the size of my thighs. Moving into my teens I became so self-conscious of the way I looked and particularly how my thighs and butt looked. They were too big and this was back before Kim Kardashian became an advocate for big butt beauties. I felt abnormal, everyone around me was so slim and my thighs kinda doubled in size when I sat down! I also hated the stretch marks on my legs and I would do anything to hide them.

Pear Shape? 
It was also around this time that I started to learn about different body types and came to the conclusion that I must have been a pear shape. Now let me just point out that these "body types" are a load of bullshit! No women should ever feel confined to what she should wear, on the basis of what these companies and magazines say is "flattering" for said body type. I hated the clothes that were suggested to me- they were ugly AF. Not only this but I should also be doing exercise to cater for my "pear shape"?!? Whatever the hell that means.

Learning to love my thighs. 
People like Kim Kardashian have been such an inspiration to me because she has proved that people with big butts and bigger thighs are still beautiful! I used to see myself as fat and that my thighs were fat and disgusting but now I really couldn't give a damn! I went for so long allowing my insecurities to rule what I did and how I dressed and this summer was the first time since I was 7 that I owned and wore a pair of shorts! Before I was so self-conscious of how I looked and the size of my thighs, but I've come to love the part of me I hated the most and it is such an incredible feeling.

I love my thighs and my ass! I am no longer afraid to show them because I am fine as hell!
And you should all feel the same way!

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  1. I definitely think anyone with insecurities needs to check out this post. Every body is diffetent and we need to learn that is okay!

    Terri x

  2. Great post hun 100% agree with you xx

  3. Loved this post. I'm still learning to love my big thighs and this post is just a little push to make me feel better about them!!



  4. What a lovely post, I am so happy for you!! This has been the first winter/Autumn than I have started to wear dresses and tights, I am getting so comfortable and so happy!! Great post!! xox

  5. This is so so lovely, and well done you! I'm so so happy for you, I know people with large thighs who have had trouble being comfortable with them but they're still beautiful. These things are what makes them them and thats amazing! Amazing post lovely, everyone needs to read this. xx

  6. As long as you love how you look, embrace it

    Courteney writes xxx

  7. I loved this post so much! I struggled with self-confidence for ages over my body but I've grown to love who I am and how I look! It's great to read posts like this knowing I'm not the only one that's thought these things about themselves<3

    Alice-Tilly | http://alice-tilly.blogspot.co.uk/

  8. I LOVED this post! I can 100% relate as growing up, my nickname was also 'thunder thighs' and i hated it! You're absolutely beautiful! Lovely post xx

  9. Loved this, I love your confidence x

  10. You're lovely just the way you are! I was honestly going to write up something like this x

  11. Girl this post SLAYS 🙌🏼 I too need to learn some self love for my wobbly bits, and this post is a real inspiration! You're absolutely right, if there's one thing that Kim Kardashian can teach us, it's that girls with big butts and thick thighs are utterly gorgeous too! 💗

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  12. This is an amazing post! You go girl! I'm feeling particularly low about my appearance just now so this has helped! X

  13. I always end up deleting my outfit photos because I hate certain parts of my body. Gonna try and take a leaf out of your book and start loving myself more :)

    Anna | FarewellMay

  14. What a lovely post Robyn! I'm glad you don't feel so down about your thighs any more. God bless Kim K helping people realise that thighs aren't always sticks. Thank you for sharing xo

  15. I love this post!! I agree with you totally, I have big thighs as well and stretch marks but sometimes it can't be helped it's just the way people are and you are beautiful so don't let anyone get you down lovely xx melishiascorner.wordpress.com

  16. This blog post was so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your truth and inner thoughts. I too struggled with the same issue. People told me my thighs were fat but as grew older and embraced my curvy figure and love what God gave me, I became super happy.

  17. From the pictures I wouldn't say your thighs look big, but I think we are always more critical of our own flaws than other people's! Totally agree with the post though, there's more than one body type that can be attractive.

    Alice // https://aliceinwonderlust.com/

  18. aww, i loved this post! It make's me happy to know you can share this with us. Such an inspiration, thank you. You are beautiful the way you are and that's what makes you, you. x


  19. I still struggle so much with body confidence, especially with my thighs. I love this post, it made me feel like YES. WERK THEM THIGHS. Brilliantly written!


  20. Such an inspirational post. We all need to love our bodies! Thank you for this.


  21. Awesome post! I can totally relate, I have big jiggly thighs which bulge out of my shorts when I sit down, but my motto is love what you got, because you haven't got anything else! X

  22. This is a great post! We should all love ourselves because there's no one else like us. I did a post on body confidence on my blog, check it out if you have a spare few minutes



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