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16 November 2016


I think it's safe to say that we are now in Winter! The one think I struggle with in the colder months is resisting the urge to just turn myself into a blanket burrito and binge on Netflix. Motivation is so much harder to find when it's cold and dark out so I thought I 'd share some of my tips to help keep you motivated in the winter.

1. Warm food and drinks are like a cuddle. 

I am the definition of hangry. I get so annoyed with everyone and everything when I haven't had enough to eat so in order for me to stay motivated (and just a pleasant person really) is to make sure I have enough food to keep me going throughout the day! Warm foods like soup and stew make sure I stay motivated and are like my lil hug at lunchtime reminding me I can get through the day.

2. Want to stay in bed? Stay in bed!

So I'm not saying call in sick and stay in bed- that's bad! But I'm on my final teaching practice and a lot of my work is done at home and at weekends. I reward myself by staying in bed and doing all of my planning from the comfort of my own bed. I like to think of it as a compromise- I have to do work but I can do it how I want to- it's a win win. If you have work to do but don't want to get out of the snuggle heaven that is your bed- do it from your bed. Just try not to fall asleep!

3. Set your alarm ten minutes before you need to leave your bed. 

I hate getting out of bed on a good day- let alone when it feels like Antarctica in your room! I've been setting my alarm that little bit earlier so I can slowly build up to removing myself from the sheets. Another hack I've been doing is getting ready in my bed so that I don't have to expose myself to the freezing temperatures when I get ready. That and I really am too lazy to get out of bed #lazylifehack

4.Reward yourself!

Isn't everything a lil easier to do if you know you get something at the end? I often bribe myself to stay motivated in the Winter- finish this piece of work and then you can have a biscuit or write 500 words of your assignment and you can go and get in bed. And if I'm really lacking motivation and have loads to do- finish everything on your to do list and you can buy those shoes you've been drooling over on ASOS. It works for me every time! 

5. Get some fresh air.

I know what some of you are thinking- Robyn, why would I ever want to go outside it's -2 degrees. But trust me, you'll feel so much better and energised afterwards! The thing about the winter is most of us rely on having our heating on. This can almost create a hothouse effect in which you feel so warm that all you want to do is lie down and drift to sleep (am I right?!). Whenever I have work to so and start to feel this way I go for a short walk around the block and come back feeling so refreshed and awake from my walk in the cool breeze that I'm ready to start working again. The fresh air is so good for you!

I hope this will help you keep motivated during the colder months! Please share your top tips below. 

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  1. These are great tips for staying motivated! I'm the same as you when it comes to being 'hangry' haha and I totally agree about getting some fresh air even when it's freezing! :)


  2. I totally needed to read a post like this - the more the tempeture has plummeted so has my already existing laziness. So agree on the warm drinks front, can't beat a nice warm drink in the cold weather and I've been trying really hard at going walks despite it being freeeezing. Great post Robyn, I seen your tweet about feeling rubbish about your blog earlier but don't be - your blog is fab! Keep doing what you're doing xx

    Amy | www.whatamydid.co.uk

  3. I very much agree about the warm drinks! I love a good chai tea latte <3

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