23 December 2016

DEAR 2016

Dear 2016,
Well you haven’t been the greatest, have you? Don’t get me wrong some really great things have happened this year, but on the whole it’s kinda been one huge shit show.

I feel bad for you 2016, I really do. It must suck knowing that you are potentially one of the worst years to have happened in the history of all time (well probably not, but you get the idea). Now I know what you’re thinking 2016- why is this my fault? Well I just can’t answer that 2016. None of this is your fault exactly but it happened under your watch! Therefore, I can’t help but feeling that you are partly responsible for all the unexplainable shit that went down this year.

You see this is the year that you allowed Donald Trump to become President of the United States. I’ll repeat that. DONALD TRUMP IS THE FUCKING PRESIDENT?!?! How could you let that happen 2016? A man so closed-minded and backwards in his approach to politics. Need I remind you that this man was once a reality TV star? What kind of message are we sending here 2016? That any idiot can run for potentially one of the most important and crucial roles as long as they have the money to fund their own campaign? I just don’t understand how you could let this happen- how we could go from someone like Barack Obama, who has made such amazing progress, to a man like Donald Trump who will undo all of the hard work Obama has worked for within the first few weeks of him being in office. And another thing, need I remind you of the shit-tastrophe that was Brexit?! What the fuck 2016 how could you let us leave the EU and create a whole shitstorm that’s gonna go down next year. Leaving the EU is potentially the worst thing that could happen to this country and it happened under your watch 2016! This is on you.

You see I feel sorry for you that this also happened to be the year that the grim reaper decided to throw a party and invite all of the key stars. I get it, that wasn’t your fault 2016 and I feel bad for you. But at the same time so many amazing people died this year and none of us were prepared for it- Bowie, Prince, Gene Wilder, Harper Lee and so many more. It hurt 2016, to watch so many iconic people that we grew up admiring and enjoying the gifts they brought to the world pass away. It reminded us that nothing is eternal and that everyone, even the people you thought would never leave, eventually have to die. It was something we weren’t prepared for 2016 and it was cruel.

Don’t feel overly down about yourself 2016 some incredible things happened this year- love finally won. People all around the world showed their support to same-sex couples wanting to get married and they finally won! The Black Rights Movement made huge progress this year, with the movement gaining true momentum across the world. We also almost have a cure for the Motor Neorone Disease as a result of everyone pouring freezing cold water over themselves and donating money to ALS and that’s pretty fucking incredible. And Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar! So don’t get me wrong there have been some incredible things that have happened this year…

But, the point I’m making 2016 is that we have so much to improve on still. I just want to take a few minutes 2016 to remind you of something- feminism is not bad and women deserve to be treated the same as everyone else. This year I have received the most verbal and online abuse I have ever had for sharing my feminist views. How is it that it’s 2016 and I’m still being told that women don’t deserve to be treated the same? Or that middle aged men are telling me how to dress, what I should be doing, how to act? I’m told on a regular basis that I shouldn’t walk on my own, I should think about the way I dress and what this gives people the right to do based on my outfit. That’s wrong 2016 and it happened this year. Just today I saw an artice titled “4 Reasons Not To Rape a Girl” and you know what the reasons were 2016? “You may get her pregnant and have to pay child support” and “ It’s harder than just going to a club and finding a slut” I shit you not. Yet I am somehow asked on a daily basis why we still need feminism. I really thought this could be the year that women were seen as equal but you let me down 2016. You let a lot of people down.

Well, I honestly think I could go on forever about all the ways you fucked up 2016 but that would be too cruel. I’m really not going to miss you 2016 and if I’m honest I can’t wait for 2017- here’s to a better year (although you fucked it up pretty bad and 2017 is gonna have to deal with all this shit) however, I am optimistic about the upcoming year. 

So goodbye, au Revouir, auf Wiedersehen and Adios 2016. You will not be missed.

 Till next time, 
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