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4 December 2016


I didn't know whether I wanted to write this post. I didn't know whether I wanted to share my personal problems on here. But, when I started this blog I promised myself I would write about every part of my life- the good and the bad.
I feel like we have this perception that we have to present our best selves online all the time. That we have to mask any issues that go on in our life and just pretend that everything is okay. I think it's so important to remind ourselves that yes we may share a lot of ourselves online, but that doesn't mean we have to be perfect. That is why I decided I wanted to write this post and share with you a not so great part of my life right now.

I've never really been a person who "diets" I'm an incredibly fussy eater so the variety of food I eat is limited anyway. As for exercise- I love doing yoga and I recently got into running which I would do three times a week. So yeah I don't really live a "healthy" lifestyle. I've also never really been a person who gains or loses any weight- I kinda just stick to where I am and it never really changes. However, my mum pointed out to me the other week how much thinner I looked. I didn’t really take much notice of it- if anything I took it as a compliment!

Last weekend I was cleaning my room and discovered a beautiful dress I had brought over the summer, that I hadn't had the chance to wear yet. I love dressing up so I decided to put it on. I was horrified as the thing hung off me. It was strapless and just fell down to my waist. I went down to show my mum- this thing had fit me last month so why wasn't it fitting me now? She made me step on the scales and I had lost over a stone since the last time I weighed myself just over a month ago. I couldn’t think of anything as to why I was losing this weight. I really didn’t want to go to the doctors because there was nothing wrong with me! I was fine and I just felt like I would be wasting their time which I didn’t want to do! My mum however had other plans and booked me an appointment anyway.

My mum (like most mums) is really overprotective and I thought she was just overreacting so I went to the doctors just to stop her from complaining and to leave me alone. When I got to the doctors he asked me to step on the scales. When I did his exact words were “Oh yes, that’s quite worrying isn’t it”. I have an annual check every year where they check my weight and since then (at the beginning of May) I had lost almost two stone! I didn’t think it was that bad and my doctor was quite concerned at the amount I had lost so next week I’m going for a blood test to see what is happening with me. I’m quite worried if I’m honest. It will probably be nothing but just the thought of something be wrong scares me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I haven’t been putting my health first and I should have been. Losing weight isn’t always a good thing and if you even think something may be slightly out of the ordinary then please go and see your doctor! Please put your health first and I’ll keep you updated on the results of my blood test when I get them back!

Till next time,

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  1. I think it's amazing that your talking about this here on your blog! I love the picture you attached too <3
    Morgan // www.justmorgs.com

  2. I hope you're okay and everything with the doctors comes out alright x

  3. I hope everything comes back ok! I think it's very admirable that you're so open with us on here

    Soph xoxoxo

  4. hope everything gets back to normal!
    Xx Sofia

  5. Oh lovely I hope everything goes back to normal very soon! But weldone for being so strong and talking about it, I guarantee we're all here for you! x


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