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14 December 2016


I'm just not feelin Christmas this year. There. I said it! I have always loved Christmas but this year I just can't seem to find that festive spirit and I feel like the Grinch is my spirit animal. So I decided to make myself public enemy #1 and share what it is that makes me wish we didn't even celebrate Christmas at all. 

#1 I'm poor af 
I am a student which means my funds are limited. My family also decided that now I am an "adult" it was about time I brought presents for EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. IN. MY. FAMILY.  Not only is finding presents hard enough but now I have to buy more with money I most definitely do not have. Being poor isn’t fun but being poor around Christmas? That’s torture.

#2 I just love Halloween too much 
Okay so as most of you know- I love Halloween. It’s my favourite holiday and I still have my Halloween decorations. There are two kinds of people in this world- those who like Halloween and those who like Christmas. I most definitely fall into the first category. If I’m honest I’m still mourning Halloween being over and it makes me sad that there isn’t as much hype around Halloween. Halloween is just as important a holiday! It deserves more recognition. 

#3 Decorations are tacky and putting lights on a tree is death
In my house I always end up being the only one to put the decorations up and I hate it. My sisters are useless and just mess around. I hate Christmas lights- why are they so long? And they always get tangled!? Anyone who can successfully put lights on a tree deserves a fucking medal because that shits hard. I’m not a fan of Christmas decorations and think that the majority of them are really tacky.

If you haven’t already guessed I’m quite cynical about this time of year. It’s really just a time of year for brands and retail companies to make as much money from us as possible! Everywhere you go there is a deal on this or a Christmas sale. Reminding us that we should be buying presents to show how much we care about someone. This time of year is when the most amount of money is made and who profits from all of that? The brands and companies that convince you, you have to have this. Sorry I’m just a bit cynical about it all. 

#5 Having to spend time... with actual people
How’s uni going? Have you met anyone nice yet? You just need to get out more. GEEZ THANKS GRANDMA FOR THE FAB PEP TALK!!! All my single gals out there will get this one. Why does everyone think that Christmas gives them permission to ask really personal questions and that I won’t get offended?! One of the reasons I’m alone is because I don’t have many friends and I prefer my own company way too much. Being surrounded by a bunch of nosey ass people is my idea of hell. I most definitely feel a strong connection to the scene in the Grinch- you know which one I’m on about… 

#6 Why is everywhere so damn busy!?
It gets to a certain point in the year and everyone comes out in force to make moving around virtually impossible. This year I made the conscious decision to do all of my shopping online from the comfort of my own bed. I did this for the sole reason of 1. I’m incredibly lazy and 2. I couldn’t hack going into town and being pushed a million and one ways by the wave of people that descend upon town this time of year. 

#7 It's cold
Okay so I know this one isn’t really to di with “Christmas” as a holiday- but this time of year is just so cold! I’m one of those people who is always cold, I have poor circulation and even in the summer I will be wearing a jumper and begging my mum to put the heating on. So this time of year is a nightmare- I spend my time bundled in blankets and fluffy socks trying to retain as much body heat as possible. And don’t even get me started on snow! 

I understand that this post probably does not represent the majority of people but I'm just not into Christmas this year and feel for those who feel the same... Our voices need to be heard! Maybe I'm just a bit too old for Christmas now!

Till next time, 

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