1 January 2017


It's finally 2017 y'all and time to forget all the bad and weird shit that went down last year and move on. I'm not one for setting resolutions because I am awful at keeping them! However, I love setting myself goals- even small ones! I love the feeling of acomplishment so here are all of the things I hope to achieve by this time next year.

To graduate from University with a 2:1 (I'm hopeful!)
To be in my first job as a teacher.
To be surviving my NQT year in a school I really like. 

To continue to develop my personal style of writing.
To stay on top of blogging and make time to write good quality posts.
To improve my instagram game.
To start posting outfit/fashion posts. 
To work on the quality of the photos I take (and create a stock pile of photos)
To increase my blog traffic and following for my blog.

To maintain a healthy weight.
To stop overthinking everything that happens (especially when they don't matter!)
To improve my mental state and how I see myself- I am good enough and I will fully believe this by next year.
To stop being a pussy and get a tattoo.
To finally go to York and meet the coolest human Jessica.
To continue to develop my uniqueness and not give a shit what anyone else thinks.
To be selfish and do things that have my best interest at heart and put myself first.
To travel abroad (somewhere, anywhere!)
To try new foods.

So as you can see guys, 2017 is really just going to be the year for you know, realising stuff. Yes already made my first 2016 joke ;) No but in all seriousness I am so ready for this year, to just get out and make this year mine! This is our year guys! 

What are your goals for this year?

Till next time,

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  1. eeeeee I hope you achieve everything you want lovely and more! You deserve it LETS DO THIS

    <3 <3 <3

    Jessica // www.heartshapedbones.com

    1. thank you so much babe! The same goes for you, we are going to own 2017!! <3

  2. Aw this is lovely, I am sure you will achieve all of these and more! I am obsessed with you blog, so glad I found it, your hard work is completely paying off! x



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