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11 January 2017


Okay guys, I did it- I finally lost my lush virginity! I know what you're thinking- How could you have never tried a single product from Lush?! Honestly, I don't know. I'm not the biggest fan of baths and I don't really care what I clean myself with as long as it does the job.
However, the radiators in my house decided to stop working on what could possibly be the coldest weekend ever! My landlord is fab but not always the most reliable and kept changing the time of when he was coming to fix the radiators. So, I decided to take a trip to my local Lush shop for a bath bomb after seeing so many posts and reviews on their products.

Now, walking into a Lush shop for the first time is... terrifying! All the staff are super happy and helpful but I really needed a minute to just catch my breath and adjust to all the products and smells. I also learnt that the one thing you don't do in Lush is admit you've never used any of their products before! Twenty minutes later I left with way more than I went in for and the whole experience was kind of a blur...

The first thing I knew I needed to try was the Dragon's egg bathbomb- this was the bath bomb that had been reccomended to me so I picked it up and after using it oh my! I loved the citrusy smell and the water was golden- with glitter! Glitter! I felt like a mother dragon.

I also went for the avobomb purely for the colour and the smell! It has a really citrusy smell, which I love! I was also told that this is really good for people with dry skin, which is something I suffer from quite a bit so I'm really excited to see if this helps!

I was really intrigued by the bath oils, so I picked up the melting marshmellow moment. I love glitter. That's pretty much the reason I picked it...

So I was looking at The Comforter and after being showed how it worked (and being slightly freaked out that they could just test out products in store?!) I knew I needed it. I loved the smell and the glitter. It also left my skin feeling sooo soft! The women in the store was then also able to convince me (not that it took much) that if I loved that I needed to try The Comforter bubble bar as well. So I got that too! This has to be my favourite smell out of all the stuff I got and I'm debating whether to just use it as an air freshener! I love the smell and the colours.

I am no longer a lush virgin! I can now see the hype with Lush and the staff are all so helpful and friendly (especially with a newbie like me!) I can't wait to try out my new products and in the meantime, my room has never smelt soo good!

Till next time,

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  1. You literally went for ALL my favourites! Good choices! Although I'm not a fan of the bath melts as I found it a bit useless, maybe I didn't soak in the water long enough haha x

    1. Great minds must think alike 😉 I mainly chose it for the glitter 🙈 So I'm excited to see if it's any good! Xx

  2. YES YES THE COMFORTER! I 100% think anyone who is trying Lush for the first time should go for the comforter, I hope you love them!! Your bath time just got 100000 more better ;) xx

    1. I'm already such a huge fan of the comforter. The smell is to die for! 😍😍 yes they did! Think I may become slightly addicted 🙈 Xx

  3. I only started buying things from Lush too, Mask Of Magnaminty is my absolute fave! I got a little tester of The Comforter but now I think I might have to buy the full thing lool x


    1. I want to try one of the fave masks next time I make a purchase so I'll keep that in mind! :) yes! You 100% should it's incredible 😍😍

  4. I used to work in a Lush so I totally get what you mean about having to adjust to all the smells! The comforter is my all time favourite and definitely the best first product you can get! I will be doing a Lush Valentines Haul at some point this week!

    Love Chloe-Rose



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