19 January 2017


Deciding to get a fringe was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I think it really suits me and I love it- I just wish it didn't grow so damn fast!
When I'm at home, my aunt usually cuts my hair because she's a hairdresser, which is great! But when I'm at uni, life becomes a lil bit harder. I've been to an actual hairdresser twice in my entire life- once when I first got my fringe cut in and the second when I went for a trim and she fucked my hair up! They were different people but the second time she charged me £5 to take of approx. three centimetres off my hair, it was wonky and way shorter than what I wanted, so now I'm scarred for life.

There is nowhere around me that does cheap fringe trims and £5 is extortionate for a fringe trim! So I decided to have a go at doing it myself! I’ve been saying I need to just learn to cut it myself for a while because it just saves so much hassle and right now my hair is slightly just too long that what I want it. Seriously, it just needs a centimetre taking of it and how hard can it be right?

After watching a number of YouTube tutorials I decided that I should just go for it and hope for the best, so I got my sharpest pair of scissors and with a pang of regret already in my gut I took my first snip...

Okay, well I think I did a pretty damn good job! I'm super impressed with my hack job and will definitely be trimming my hair myself from now on- so I can save time, effort and my hair can look fab all the time! I was so scared about cutting my hair myself but honestly I'm so glad I did!

Till next time,
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  1. It looks cuuuute! When I had my fringe I always cut it myself too hehe ^__^ x

    1. haha thank you! I was soo nervous when I was cutting it! x

  2. You look so good with a fringe and cutting it in yourself is super impressive! X


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