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18 January 2017


A topic I haven't really talked about here on the blog is music. It's something I'd love to talk about more because it's a true love of mine. I spend the majority of my day listening to music and throughout my life music has played a huge part in developing who I am as a person. There are certain albums that have really helped to shape who I am and will forever be so incredibly special to me.

Fleetwood Mac by Fleetwood Mac
I love Fleetwood Mac. My music taste is a mix of new and old, so I love music from the 70s/ 80s. I just love the sound of Fleetwood Mac and Landslide makes me cry every time I listen to it! They have such a cool vibe and their music is so relaxing that when I need to de-stress I’ll put them on. I love older music and this is where that love for the older bands comes from.

Must listen to songs- Landslide and Rhiannon 

RIOT! by Paramore
Oh my punk heart! I refuse to believe that this album is 10 years old this year?! Paramore is without a doubt my favourite band. Hayley Williams has the greatest voice I’ve ever heard and there isn’t a single song of theirs that I don’t like. I really struggled to pick which album I loved the most because honestly I listen to at least one Paramore song a day. But I decided to go with the album that started it all- RIOT! is such an iconic album that showcases a sound that has become iconic! This album represents such a huge part of my growing up and it really helped to forge what I thought about the world and how I was going to express who I wanted to be.  

Must listen to songs- Misery Business, Born For This and When It Rains
The Resistance by Muse
My dad introduced me to a lot of the music I listen to and it was something we really bonded on when I was growing up. I remember when he first gave me a Muse CD to listen to and I fell in love with their sound. The Resistance was at the height of my rock obsession and I listened to it on repeat for hours. There weren’t that many people at school that shared my music taste so I would listen to these at school and not really pay attention to a lot else! I guess listening to this album influenced a lot of the bands I listen to and taught me, as my dad used to say “this is what true music sounds like”.

Must listen to songs- Undisclosed Desires and Guiding Light 

Crybaby by Melanie Martinez.
This is a pretty recent album, but it means so much to me. Melanie Martinez is just a wonderful human who embraces being different. I’ve never seen myself as normal and growing up I would get called weird or quirky or unusual. I used to see this as such a negative thing but this album and seeing how Melanie is has helped me to embrace the weird and be proud of who I am. One of her songs Pity Party finally helped me to feel okay about the time I held a birthday party and no-one came, it helped me to laugh at the situation. Melanie takes really dark situations and gives them a childlike twist which is so interesting and makes her music stand out from any of the more recent artists. She treats her music like its art and all her videos tell a story, which I love. Her music has helped me to accept that I’m different and embrace that- to finally be proud of who I am.

Must listen to songs- Mrs. Potato Head, Tag, you’re it and Soap. 

I love listening to and talking about music so expect more music related posts like this on the blog!
What are the albums that define you? 

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  1. YES FLEETWOOD <3333333 When you stay at mine we can make breakfast and listen to stevie sing some sweet songs on the record player ;)))))))))))

    1. This is my dream! It's gonna be so fucking cute <3

  2. Fleetwood Mac are life! I love this post, it's nice to see what music you're into x


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