15 January 2017


Before Christmas I was getting ready to go out with my "friend" (it will become clear why this is in speech marks) when she turned to me and said something along the lines of " Robyn can you not be a feminist tonight. It puts guys off talking to you". I’m sorry didn’t realise I walked around with a massive fucking sign saying DON’T TALK TO ME I’M A FEMINIST!? It made me really mad and it still bothers me that she said this so I thought I would share with you why I really don’t give a fuck if being a feminist is a turn off and why you shouldn’t either.

Being a feminist is a part of my beliefs- it’s part of who I am and how I see the world. You would never say to a vegetarian “Hey, look I really want to go to a steakhouse so could you know, not be a vegetarian for the night?” why not? Because it’s a dick move and you wouldn’t expect a vegetarian to change their entire outlook of life for one night. So why should it be any different for me as a feminist? I just didn’t understand why: 1) I should change what I believe in so that I somehow seemed more attractive to guys or 2) Why being a feminist was such a turn off?

I feel like I've always been a feminist, even when I was at primary school. I was that child that truly believed in equality and being fair. It didn't make sense to me growing up that there were things I couldn't do or roles I was expected to fall into. I was naive, I was force-fed this idea that when I grew up I had to be married by a certain age and have children by a certain age. That in order to get a husband I had to look and act a certain way. My mother taught me that this was utter bullshit. If anyone is to blame (if that's even the right word to use) for me being a feminist it's my mum- she taught me to believe that you should never rely on a man for anything- that in order to make it in this world you had to be able to provide for yourself. She taught me that education was the single most important thing in the world and that being self-sufficient and economically stable independently was what I should be aiming for. So I threw my ideas of wanting a husband in the bin and started to think about what I wanted for myself.

You see I really don’t give a fuck if you think that me believing that women deserve social, economic and political equality is a turn off, because honestly if you don't, that makes you an arsehole and I hope you fall into an active volcano. I don't care if you get butt hurt that I don't want you touching my arse, hip, tit without my permission. I don't give two shits if you find it off putting that I, as an independent 21st century woman, want to buy my own drinks. I’m not a feminist for anyone but myself and I will not apologise for my beliefs or change them for anyone. So ya see, I really don’t care if me being a feminist is a turn off because why would I want to give an arsehole, who thinks I should be treated any less because I’m a woman any of my time?

So thank you “friend” but you can take your “advice” and shove it- I will be a feminist until women have equal rights because that’s called being a decent fucking human. I will never stop believing in equality and calling out sexist bullshit- because that's part of who I am. But thank you for your kind suggestion I shall keep it in mind to use as a memoir if I ever get around to writing a feminism book. You have inspired the title for this witty, yet entertaining and true as shit book "|Don’t Talk to Me, I’m a Feminist". So thanks for that, I guess. And please keep your shitty ass opinions to yourself.  

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