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15 February 2017


My last post featured the lovely Jess who I finally got to go and meet last week. I wanted to write a separate, more chatty summary post to talk about what I got up to and gush about meeting with my goth bestie.

I feel like meeting up with Jess has been something we have both been planning for sooo long that when I finally got on the train to Doncaster I was unbelievably excited! I first met Jess at the Bloggers Blog Awards for like 5 minutes outside whilst we were waiting for our taxis. I loved her style and the dress she was wearing was easily my favourite of the whole event! So I did what any blogger would do- go home and binge watch/read everything on both her blog and youtube channel. The more I read her stuff and got to know her through her different platforms, I knew that this was the kind of girl I wanted to be friends with. We started talking on Twitter and we just clicked as people- we have a lot of similar interests and we just became really good friends. When we started speaking about meeting up there were a few days where we were both free and one of them happened to be her birthday which was perfect!

Jess met me on the platform when I got off the train and we just kind of ran to each other and hugged. Whilst I was with Jess we did a joint shoot for our blogs, watched our favourite goth films and she introduced me to some new faves, talked all about our favourite murders (in a completely non-psychopathic way), celebrated Jess' birthday and ate food. SO MUCH FOOD! Both Jess and her boyfriend Joel made me feel so welcome and at home in their new house, which was beautiful! On the night before Jess' birthday we stayed up watching crime documentaries, waiting for it to be her birthday. When it was finally her birthday I gave Jess the present I brought her, I had so much fun picking out the present and I knew she'd love it- which she did! Jess also surprised me by giving me a present (I was pretty shocked because ya know, it was her birthday and not mine).

I am obsessed with Jess' artwork and have a Wednesday Addams piece which I adore! So when she gifted me a bunch of cool prints and bits from her store, I felt quite emotional (or maybe that was the note she wrote for me!). I've never really had many friends and none that I could ever be myself around. I'm a bit gothic and often seen as weird or strange but when I'm with Jess I feel like it's okay to be like that because she is too. It's fucking amazing to have a friend who is interested in the same things as you, has the same favourite films and someone who you can just talk to for hours about anything and everything. I mean the similarities between Jess and myself is kinda unreal and there are definitely some weird coincidences we found like our wardrobes are pretty much the same, our lives revolve around when we are going to be drinking our next glass of Coke and we even have the same glasses?!? The same prescription glasses- now come on that's a lil weird.

It's crazy to think that through blogging and my lil space here on the internet, I have met who I consider to be one of best friends. Jess is my goth sister and I had so much fun during our few days together. It was incredible to have someone to talk about blogging with and to share ideas, some of which are happening really soon and I have to bit my tobgue to stop myself from telling you what is planned! I cannot wait for us to meet up again and just be goth besties together, forevs!

Who are the incredible people you have met, as a result of blogging?      

Till next time,
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  1. You two are so cute, and its nice to hear about your experience about becoming friends with a fellow blogger!


  2. This is the cutest post ever!! Think it's amazing how people from all over the country/world start friendships because of the blogging community.

    Trashedvintage.blogspot.co.uk xx

  3. I think that's my favourite thing about blogging, meeting so many people who are so similar to you and feel like soul mates. Glad you found a blogging bestie too! Blogging buds are the best.

    Chloe / Mojichlo

  4. This is so sweet, despite my years of blogging I'm only just starting to meet people through blogging but I am loving it, and I've gotten closer to friends I already know through blogging

    The Quirky Queer


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