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5 February 2017


I love keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends. I love fashion and all things to do with clothing and style. Whilst I don't always tend to follow the trends, I like to take items that are on trend and give them my own lil twist.
I think that is one of the things I love the most about fashion- you can make it completely your own. I'm a big believer in personal style and being different from everyone else. I find it so refreshing to see individual style and I'm in awe of people who have created a style that is individual to them and reflects who they are as a person.

 A trend that I have been all for is metallic. I often compare myself to a magpie- anything shiny and I have to have it! I had been after an a-line metallic skirt that I could wear casually and dress up a little for a while before I came across the perfect one. Big surprise, the babes at H&M delivered again and I found this perfect silver metallic skirt! I love how this instantly adds something extra to an outfit and I have been loving wearing this with a simple tee and denim jacket.


Skirt- H&M // Bodysuit- Zara // Boots- H&M // Denim jacket- vintage find. 

As you can probably begin to guess, a lot of my clothes come from H&M. They are my go to shop because I just find their clothing really versatile and a really good price and quality! H&M are just the best and I love them.

What is your go-to clothing shop?
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  1. Slaying it girl!!!!!! Seriously I'm in love with your lookbooks <3333


  2. I've got this skirt, it's absolutely lovely! You look soooooo good in it! X

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous! The skirt suits you so well 😻

  4. I loooove your lookbooks, you're slaying yet again! this outfit is gorgeous, you look fab lovely! Laura x

  5. Yass girl love this look! Looking on fleek. I love the skirt xx I am loving Pretty Little Thing at the minute. Pixie xx

  6. I don't really buy into trends either but this skirt looks amazing on you! Such a timeless piece xxx


  7. Yesss this skirt looks so good on you! I've had my eye on a pair of silver metallic Nike air max thea's, the trend is so unavoidable ahh

  8. That skirt is gorgeous! Such a versatile piece as well to change up ❤


  9. SO GOOD! Wish I had the bravery to wear such a bold piece, I tend to keep my statement pieces to accessories because I'm a pussy. Need to experiment! You pull it off so well!


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