3 February 2017


There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to wear your favourite shoes and then your foot slipping out the back! Being a 6 1/2, I find buying shoes really challenging because the 6 are too small and the 7 are just a tiny bit too big. The last thing anyone needs when walking is the constant worry that their shoe is going to fall of their feet!

Now, the lovely people over at Sticky Heelz ( https://www.stickyheelz.com) heard about my pain of ill- fitting shoes and sent me some Sticky Heelz to try out for myself *, in the hope that I can fall in love with wearing my favourite shoes again! So the way Sticky Heelz works is by having a two step process to ensuring your foot stays in your shoe!

image taken from Sticky Heelz website.

So, do they work? 

I'm not going to lie, I was skeptical. I've tried every insole, every method of getting my feet to stay in my shoe and none of them have worked! However, I have finally found the answer! The way Stickly Heelz is by almost using a velcro strip that you stick into your shoe (and it can be used for multiple uses- bonus!) and then sticking the other half of the velcro strip directly to your foot. Before attaching the two together to create an unbreakable bond!

I was really impressed with how this finally managed to make sure my foot didn't slip out of the back of my shoes. The product is discreet and confortable to wear, which is fantastic- espeically on a night out. I wore these shoes out all day and there was no slippage at all!

I'm so glad I discovered this product and will definitley be using it on all my other ill-fitting shoes! I'm finally excited to get back to wearing my favourite pairs of shoes without any fear of them falling off my feet!

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* I was sent this item, free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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  1. This product sounds brilliant! I'm going to have to give this a try sometimes as my feet slide about!

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