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15 March 2017


I hate taking blog photos. There, I said it. It has to be the hardest thing I find about blogging. I just feel like I've never really gotten the hang of how to take decent blog photos. I mean you would have thought this would be where my Media Studies GCSE would come in handy, but I guess not.

When it comes to taking photos, I feel like there are a few battles to be had: phone versus camera, natural lighting versus artificial lighting and finally editing versus filters. I decided to do some test shots and see if any of this really matters and whether it can improve my own photo taking skills and hopefully yours too!
Just for reference I have the iPhone 6s and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX30

Phone v Camera. 
So a key area I really want to improve in my photography is the quality of my photos and a question I see a lot on Twitter is- does it really matter if you use a camera? Is the quality worth it? and I've often thought the same. I think the iPhone has a pretty decent camera so I've always been happy to use it!
Okay so for the stats, the iPhone has a 12 MP camera and my DSLR has a 16 MP (and for none camera technical experts like me, apparently the higher the MP the better quality the photo? I think) so really there is only a 4MP difference, so does it really make that much of a difference to my photos?

 There is a slight difference between the quality of these photos, but nothing major. I feel the quality of the DSLR is crisper- it has more clarity to it. If you've been following my fashion posts you may have noticed that the quality of them has improved and they aren't as pixelated or fuzzy anymore. That is because I have switched to using my camera for blog photos. The main difference I have noticed is that the further away the subject is (usually me in outfit photos) the less clear the picture was on my phone.

Natural v Artificial Lighting. 
Everyone knows that natural lighting is a bloggers best friend. Photos just look better in the light! However, it isn't light all year round and work commitments often mean that the majority of my blog photography is shot at night. Something that has become increasignly popular among bloggers is artificial lighting- but do they work?! They're are so many different types online it can be hard to know which one to buy- is one enough? Do I need two? What's the difference between the £30 set and the £150 set? I was lucky enough to get some artificial lights for Christmas and I think they cost £30 for two from ebay. Here you can see for yourself how they change the photo game.
Before- Phone

After- Phone

Before- DSLR
After- DSLR

I also decided to test this out when I had no lighting, to see if artificial lighting really made a difference.
Before- Phone

After- Phone

I do think that the artificial lighting is worth it- especially during the winter months when natural lighting is limited to an hour. It just creates a really natural looking brightness and makes taking photos much easier! The thing I was most shocked at was that the artificial lighting looked more natural when shot with my DSLR than with my phone. I can definitely see why so many bloggers use these and they were such a good investment to improve the quality of the photos I take for my blog. They do take up a lot of room and it's not that easy to take them down and put them up, so be wary of the space you have if you're thinking of purchasing them.

Editing v Filters

I used to use filters all the time for my blog photos. I liked the effect they gave and it was so easy and simple to use! After experimenting with editing software like Fotor, I much prefer to edit than use filters for my blogging photos. With editing I feel like I have more control and can adjust to each individual photo instead of using a stock filter. I still use filters for my Instagram and photos I take on my phone because I do like the look of the filters I use. I'm not a typical blogger- I'm a goth. I don't want my photos to have that ultimate whiteness to them. I like the darker looking pictures, I feel it suits my blog style and personality more. I've used so many filters over the years, but I think I may have found my favourite. I use the Lazy Sunday filter on the Color Story App. It highlights the darkness of a photo and I love the effect it gives.




Blogging photography is a completley personal thing and what you prefer to use will be different to someone else. I love my photography lights and would highly reccomend them to anyone who feels restricted by natural daylight. Nothing will beat natural daylight, but artificial lighting comes pretty damn close.

As for whether to use a camera or a phone, I prefer to use a DSLR, however, I do still use my phone because it's so handy and easy to use on the go. It's all about experimenting and finding what works best for you. I'm glad I took the time to practise my photography skills and I'm feeling pretty confident about what I need to do to continue the quality of my photos!

Please share any of your blogging photography hints and tips below!

Till next time,
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  1. Girl this is a great post! I tend to use my camera more often than my phone just because I prefer saving my phone battery incase I go out etc x

  2. Fabulous post darling, and you've highlighted some key things here! You can absolutely blog with just a phone, but its worth considering what you'll be photographing (like you mentioned about outfit shots!)

    :) great read!
    Jemma | DORKFACE


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