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8 March 2017


Happy International Women's Day! I didn't know what I wanted to write about for this post because to be honest I'm feeling pretty deflated about women's rights at the minute.
Everywhere I look I'm reminded why being a women is difficult and the barriers we are still having to overcome in the name of equality. Feminism is something I am passionate about and one day I hope we can achieve worldwide equality. Taking this into consideration, I want to look into the future of equality and how we can achieve this.

Education is the key. One of the reasons I got into teaching was because I wanted to be a part of a positive change. I wanted to create a better world and more importantly a better mindset of my pupils.  To change the world, we have to change the way we think. I wanted all children to realise they have the potential to change the world and impact upon positive change.

Nothing makes me angrier than hearing a girl talking about how they can't do something (usually to do with maths, science or sport) simply because they are "just a girl". One of my biggest inspirations for women and education is Malala Yousafzai. This incredibly brave young girl risked everything, including her own life and why? Because she wanted an education. There is nothing more inspiring than hearing a tale of a girl fighting for something which is a basic human right. She had a desire to learn and improve her own knowledge to better herself. Something which she felt was worth risking her own life for. Malala has since gone on to become a huge women's rights and education activist. In order to change the way we see equality, we need to educate people on it.

It is my job as a teacher to help change this mind set I see time and time again from a number of girls. Education is key to changing how equality and social injustice is seen. If we can teach our children what is right and how to stand up for those who can't, then effectively we are creating a generation of accepting and understanding adults who believe in equality for all.

31 million girls worldwide still don't have access to an education and 1/3 of women are illiterate. These statistics are NOT good enough! We will never gain gender equality whilst women are denied an education. How can we expect girls to achieve their ambitions and show the world what their made of, if they aren't in schools? It is one of my beliefs that every child deserves an education and I will fight for getting girls into education for the rest of my life. Knowledge is power and that is why we need girls to be receiving an education. It is vital that these young girls are told that they can do anything they set their minds to. They can create change and fight for a world they deserve!

Our voice is the most powerful tool we possess. We need to teach our young girls that they have a voice and that now is the time for them to be heard!

Till next time,

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  1. I'm so glad to say that you were the one to teach me; now I teach everyone else. You're definitely one of the best role models I've ever had.

  2. Ah so much love for this post! Preach it girl! ❤

    Terri x

  3. Malala is such an inspiration! You're doing an amazing job, you must inspire your students so much! Well done for being so empowering girl! Xx

  4. So beautifully said, we need to continue to speak up and empower each other! Xx

  5. Wow, that was seriously so beautifully worded Robyn! I absolutely love this post and Malala is such a strong young girl and inspires me and should continue to do so for every woman out there. For those who think being a woman is easy, it really isn't. But when it isn't, we need to stand together and fight and resolve the issue. This post really opened my mind, love this girl! xx

    sami | possiblysami.com

  6. Really thoughtful post - I feel similarly to you. It's such a big problem sometimes you feel like you can never make a difference but it's important to keep trying! I'm a teacher too and I think encouraging girls to dream big is key xx

  7. I love this post! What you are doing in your own job is so important and myself as a mother of two baby girls Mia and Robyn I hope I can teach them that they can learn, dream, do and achieve everything worldly possible if they wanted. :)

  8. I absolutely love this post, it's so amazing that you've shared this and to your students too and I'm sure you've made a massive difference to alot of girls x

  9. Such an inspiring post and it's great to hear you speaking out about equality. Malala is truly an inspiration to us all.
    Jaz xoxo


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