Primark have absolutely been killing it with their range of lingerie recently and every time I've been in over the past month I haven't been able to resist buying one of their cute bras or set pieces.
The thing about being insanely single and having all these cute pieces of underwear is that no-one but me gets to see them and that is a travesty! They are way too cute and pretty to be seen by only myself so I have recently been thinking about ways to style wearing lingerie to show off my cute bras without coming across as if I legit forgot to put my t-shirt on.

It's been quite a challenge to get the balance right between styling lingerie without coming across as a bit... risqué. If you want to go out in just your bra then go for it girl! You do you and you look incredible whilst doing it. But I don't quite have that confident approach to wearing bras outside of the house yet and feel like I have managed to find a way to style lingerie in a way that both showcases the incredible pieces I have whilst also remaining comfortable and confident when doing so.

Red crop top & brief set- £5

Check me out showing you all my tum! Yeah so I've been digging body confidence recently and thought it was about time I started showing off a bit more skin. I fell in love with this two piece and when I saw it was only £5 there was no way I wasn't going to buy it. It's sooo comfy and I love the red.I often wear this when I'm just lounging around the house or having a lazy day. Whilst I haven't worn this out the house yet, I love the athleisure vibe it has.

crop top and bra set: Primark // jeans: Dorothy Perkins // shoes: converse.

Black flower bra- £8
I love this flower cut out design and think it is beyond cute. Pairing a cute bra with a mesh top has become my go to look on a night out. Having the mesh makes me feel a lil more comfortable than just wearing my bra but gives me 10x the confidence! I'm a big fan of mesh and I love this glittery t-shirt I have.

flower bra: Primark // mesh top: Pull & Bear // denim skirt: H&M // boots: H&M

Roses bra- £8

This has to be my favourite bra I own from Primark! It is the cutest thing and I love the rose design. I love pairing this with- you guessed it- mesh. I recently got this mesh bodysuit and I think it adds a super cool grunge effect to my outfits. This really showcases the rose bra and I just think it looks pretty cool! 

rose bra: Primark // mesh bodysuit: New Look // leather skirt: Charity Shop.

Styling lingerie pieces can seem daunting and risky but it can be so easy. Mesh is my go to but I am exploring different ways to wear these bras out and about. How do you style lingerie?

Till next time,
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  1. Yes Robyn! You've styled them so well I love this post so much!

  2. You styled these so well!! So cute and edgy and I think you've picked out some of the cutest pieces X

  3. Yass I've been loving the ranges in Primark of the bralettes at the moment and you've styled them perfectly!
    -Olivia Xxx


  4. You've styled these beautifully! I really love the rose bra it's so cute and very edgy - primark had some amazing bits right now x

  5. Ah this is such a helpful post! Always wanted to style some of my cute lingerie pieces but never sure how to make them look right! You look gorgeous too.

    Terri x

  6. Oh Robyn, this post is amazing! And so needed just now! I am about to do a lingerie shoot and I had no idea what to do! Now I have few! The lingerie is amazing and your styling too! Thanks for sharing! xx C&K

  7. No way!! First impression before reading anything and looking at the image, I didn't even think these were from Primark! Oh I do love Primark clothing and you are absolutely killing it girl. Please continue to stay flawless and slay my existence!

    sami | possiblysami.com

  8. I love to live vicariously through posts like these, I am so envious!
    Total baaaabe as always xxx

  9. I LOVE this. Especially the black, it looks so gorgeous!

  10. I love this! you have such a beautiful and inspiring style!