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29 March 2017


How is it the end of March already?! Seriously, I feel like writing these posts just serve as a reminder how quickly each month goes! So this month I promised myself I wouldn't spend much and would try to save money (haha funny joke!). Yeah I have an issue with spending and I'm an emotional shopper so I try to solve my issues through buying things. So here are the new items I have been loving this month.

Denim skirt 
You know I wouldn't be able to go the entire month without buying something from H&M. I have been after a denim skirt forever so when I saw this I knew it was coming home with me. It's slightly shorter than I anticipated but I still love this for a more casual going out outfit or it can be styled down with a pair of tights.

Lush goodies
Since I made my first Lush purchase in January, I have become a lil bit addicted to buying new bath bombs. The thing I love about Lush is that there are so many different products to try! I love trying new bath bombs and how they bring out different products for different occasions like their recent Mothers Day and Easter collection! This month I finally got my hands on Intergalactic which has ALWAYS been out of stock whenever I've been in. I also picked up a few new bits to try like the ladybird bubble bar as well as my trusted favourite- avobath.

Mesh bodysuit 
No secret that I love mesh so when I saw this mesh bodysuit I was sold! It was one of those things that I never knew I needed in my life until I saw it! I've been experimenting how to wear this for different occasions and you can check out how I paired this with a cute bralette underneath for a more going out look here and how I paired it with a baggy tee for an everyday grunge style here.

Bourjouis foundation
Pale girls rejoice! Bourjouis is my go to foundation. It works with my dry skin and I find it such a  good product but I always had the issue that even their palest shade was slightly too dark and orangey for me. I know I just need someone to make a "Casper the Ghost" shade. Anyways, Bourjouis released their new version of my favourite foundation and to my absolute joy they've made a lighter shade! This shade just suits my skin tone to a T and honestly there is nothing better than finding a foundation in your exact shade!

sneak peek of Sunday's post ;) 
Gingham Dress 
One fashion pattern I have been loving is gingham! I am beyond excited that this style of print has come back into fashion and I had my eye on this dress from Primark for a while before I decided to take the plunge and buy it. I love the slight frilled sleeves and the baby doll style to the dress.

Primark underwear 
I'm just a girl with a slight obsession for cute underwear! I featured Primark's killer underwear last month and it's just been improving! Last month I featured a red brief and crop top set that I brought and honestly it is the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. It's no secret that I lack boobs- I'm a flat chested gal and proud! I don't like wearing bras, for me they fit no purpose. So I went back the other day and brought the crop top set in pretty much every colour! They're really good every day pieces and I even went and brought some cute bralette and underwear sets because who doesn't feel like a boss when they're wearing matching underwear?!

My month in review
So this month has been super busy! March seems to be the month where all my friends are born so I've been celebrating birthdays this month. One of my closest friends and going out bestie Charlotte turned 21 this month so naturally we spent the entire week celebrating! Besides that I've just been doing a ton of uni work and writing my dissertation, which is due in next month #prayforrobyn! I've been dealing with my anxiety and mental health this month and it honestly hasn't been the best for me. I thought I had a control on my anxiety but I let it get the best of me some points this month and I just felt like such a failure. My anxiety and need for perfection is something I've been dealing with my whole life and I've had to come to terms with that despite me having a pretty good hold of it, that I will have set backs and it will sometimes cause an issue for me. My mental health is something I need to prioritise next month.

Next month is Easter and I'm going to be spending a lot of it at home which I'm so excited about because I think it's the best place for me right now. I also have a ton of posts scheduled and I can finally reveal a super exciting project I've been apart of! Here's to a happy month!

Till next time,
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  1. Those panties thooo!! The grey pair are so beautiful my lord xxx


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