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26 March 2017


Happy Mother's Day! I hope that whether you get to spend the day giving your mum a lil love or just remembering your mum that you all have a wonderful Mother's Day. To celebrate all the mums out there I decided to create a lil Mother's Day post listing some of the reasons why having a mum is pretty damn cool...

They have to love you
One of the perks of having a mum is that they have to love you- it's kinda their job. It doesn't matter how weird you are or how many bad decisions you make at the end of the day your mama will always be there to love you.

In their eyes you are the most beautiful girl in the world
Well I guess they gave you half of their genetics so clearly at least half of your beauty comes from them! It doesn't matter how bad you feel about yourself and the way you look. Guaranteed, your mum will be there to reassure you that you are beautiful!

They buy and make the best food!
I never realised how much I missed my mum's food shopping until I moved to uni and there was no longer a never ending supply of biscuits or chocolate. Mum's just know what kind of foods to keep in the house for emergencies. My mum doesn't tend to do the cooking in the house because she's a strong independent women who refuses to conform to stereotypical mum duties (yeah, she's a badass) so I usually have to cook myself or get my dad to do it but I'm sure if I bribed her enough she'd cook me a meal, maybe?

Real talk
Mum's literally give the BEST advice! They'll tell you to dump that idiot your dating or give you real talk on everything from contraception to making sure you pass your GCSE's (whilst having my sims disk confiscated was tragic, I wouldn't have passed GCSE Maths without it- thanks mum!). Mum's give the greatest advice because they've been there and brought the t-shirt!

They're always there to give you that extra support
Who doesn't love having their personal cheerleader supporting their every move?! Mum's are literally the biggest supporters and are always there with a bit of support, a hug when things are hard and some wise words to encourage you.

They'll support all your ideas (even the bad ones)
Remember when you thought getting a pineapple tattoo was a good idea (yes Ellis, I'm talking to you) or dating that idiot that you should never have even touched with a barge pole. But your mum was supportive of everything you did! Mum's are always there to support all your ideas (and pick up the pieces when it turns to shit!)

They're always right
My mum had always made this joke that I was going to be a teacher and my sister was going to be a nurse which we didn't agree with at al!.... Well turns out she was right! Isn't it funny how mums are literally the smartest people in the entire world who can predict the future and know stuff that you didn't even think of!? Another one of a mum's many super powers.

There will only ever be one mum!
You only ever get one mum and we should all be insanely grateful for the one we get because they are pretty fucking cool! Make sure you get to tell or remember everything your mum has ever done that has made you the bad ass females you are today!

Till next time,
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