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26 April 2017


Errm so how is it nearly May?! I swear all these posts remind me of, is that time is going so fast y'all! I find it crazy that I sit down and write these posts and then the next thing I know, I'm writing the next one!
Anyways, April has been crazy busy with Easter and uni deadlines but I have managed to buy some incredible things this month and I've decided to start including other things I've been loving this month because I promise I'm not just a girl with a shopping addiction (who am I kidding?!).

So I've had the same bedding in my room since I was 13 and its pink and has flowers on- yeah definitely not me! So since I'm officially moving back home for good next month my mum decided to surprise me and this beautiful bedding was waiting for me when I got home. I love the black and white geometric pattern and how it has the green leaves on it! This bedding goes so well with my room as I currently have a green wall and with all my gothy decorations- it looks so good! I'm so happy with this bedding and I mean I spend a lot of time in bed so it's probably a good thing...

Wednesday Addams dress
If you didn't know I had a slight obsession with Wednesday Addams then where the hell have you been!? I'm obsessed with her and she has been one of my main style icons growing up! So when I saw this dress in Zara I was in love!! I'm going to see The Addams Family Musical in the summer and I really wanted to dress up so I will definitely be wearing this! I may have also shot a Wednesday Addams inspired outfit post- so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Primark underwear
Will there ever be a monthly faves that doesn't feature underwear from Primark? Probably not! What can I say- I can't help myself! The entire range is so stunning and at such low prices I feel as if I have no reason not to! I had been lusting after this floral embroidered piece for a while after I saw it on the website but it was never in my local Primark (screw you Lincoln!). So now I'm back home in Nottingham (hello town centre, I have missed you!) I managed to go and look at the huge selection they have and found it! I just love Primark's range of underwear and I will never stop buying it. Sorry not sorry!

Makeup Revolution Eyeshaddow palette
Now I know there has been a lot of controversy around Makeup Revolution and them copying other brands makeup and shades. I'm a girl who loves fashion and makeup but I can't always justify paying £20-£30 on an eyeshadow palette, so if Makeup Revolution are going to create a dupe that's half the price but just as good then I'm going to buy it. I love a good dupe because for me I'm like why would you pay for something just as good at a lower price? I love this palette so much and all the gorgeous shades, especially the red tones! I've heard it being compared to the Morphe palettes and I wouldn't know because I've never used them but I'm so impressed with this palette! The colours are beautiful and the pigmentation is incredible for a palette that cost me £8!

Being home
So I've spent most of this month adjusting to life back with my parents. Whilst I do miss my space and living by my own rules, I really do love living back at home! I love my parents and they've never been overly strict with me and I love how they just let me get on with things. Being at home has definitely helped and I just feel so much happier now that I'm surrounded by my family. I've also missed my dog so having her back has been a particular highlight this month!

Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 9
S9 of Drag Race started this month and holy shit they opened with Gaga!? It was incredible and everything I wanted in life! I love Drag Race it's literally ANTM on steroids and I adore it!!! I don't have a clear idea of who I want to win yet but I know this season is going to be insane and I just hope it can beat the expectation set by Season 8 because honestly that season was magical!

My month in review 
I feel as if I haven't done a lot this month but I've been so busy! I have less than a month left at uni (scary shit!) so April has been the month of me sorting my shit out and finishing a ton of work. I feel all I've done this month is work on my dissertation- which I finally submitted last week! I'm pretty proud of how I did and I put so much work into doing it so I'm glad it's finally out of the way! I also moved pretty much all of my stuff back home because I'm not in uni a great deal now and have unofficially moved back home which I have mixed feelings about- I love home but I'm gonna miss living on my own and being so close to friends (and the pub!).

Next month I'm on placement and get to back into the classroom which I'm super excited about! It's what I love to do and what I've been working so hard to achieve so I'm really excited about that. Then I finish uni which will be bittersweet because honestly I am so ready to leave and just get out and teach but at the same time it'll be hard saying goodbye to everyone, especially because we live so far apart from each other!

What are your goals for May?

Till next time,
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  1. Drag race has just starte getting good from the Kardashian episode! I have no idea who I want to win yet either - at the moment, it might be Valentina, but i reckon that will change

  2. Girl I love Rupaul Drag Queen and I can't believe is going to May either I love the burgundy top have a similar one from UO

  3. Amazing month in review and favourites hun! I love the Wednesday Addams dress! And I would never think it's from Zara! It looks so good! Also RuPaul's drag race is just the best!! ^_^ Great post dear <3
    Kinga xx

  4. In love with your wednesday dress! Also I am living for Ru too :D

    M x

  5. I love these kinda posts �� I have been obsessed with primark this month. I've picked up a few of their underwear sets and payday that's bedding mine ��


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