5 April 2017


I have never been on a date... but I did come pretty close this weekend! Okay so if you follow me on twitter (and if you don't you should really change that, I'm hilarious) you would have seen me tweeting about the whole disaster with all the funny gifs included.
If not I'll sum it up for you: I was talking to this guy and he was really nice, we got on really well and it was going all good so we decided to meet up when he next came to Lincoln, which was this weekend. So the plan was to meet Friday night at around six to go for a few drinks. So Friday came and I did what any girl would do took a long shower, shaved the month long stubble from my legs because I literally don't have a life and go anywhere, used my nice lush stuff and I was feeling pretty damn good about going out. So it got to half five and I hadn't heard anything, I decided to text him and ask what time we were meeting and where. His response "btw I can't meet tonight" btw. btw? BT fucking W?! So I did what any normal person would do had a bitch to all of my friends, had my sister draft me a response text and went to the chippy because food will always love me. After I had calmed down and been cheered up by my friend and binged watching season 8 of Ru Paul's Drag Race (#teamBob) I reevaluated and realised the situation wasn't that bad and he had asked to rearrange for Sunday (although it was less of a rearrange more of I'm telling you we're meeting on Sunday, but we'll ignore that).

So on Sunday, we were talking and he asked if I was still free to meet for a drink. So he was getting the train at 3:15 and he was going to message me when he got into town for me to walk and meet him. Again I went in the shower and was feeling pretty okay about the whole thing. I was fucking over my nerves by this point. I had already messaged him and said that I needed him to give me an hour warning to get ready because I had no idea what time he was getting in and I had learnt from Friday night to not get ready until I knew it was a definite. Anyway I started watching a film and he just never messaged guys. It got to 3:12 and I knew this date was not fucking happening. So again I dealt with the situation in a mature, adult way: cried like a baby, ate some bacon and went to the pub! Adult.

I've never had good luck when it comes to dating but I genuinely thought that this time, that this guy was different. I spent a good hour sat outside the cathedral with my partner in crime Charlotte, trying to work out what the fuck had happened. From the messages he was making it pretty clear he wanted to meet, if anything he wanted to meet more than I did. It just didn't make any sense...

I think what's upset (?) me the most isn't that he cancelled or if he didn't want to meet me or decided he didn't want to carry this whatever on anymore. It's that he didn't have the decency to tell me. Like I wasn't worth a text or an explanation or even an apology. I hate the way he has made me feel like a complete mug because I let him do this to me not once, but twice. I suffer from really low self-esteem and most of the time I feel like shit about myself so having someone effectively stand you up twice just sucks. I feel so worthless and like I clearly wasn't good enough to meet with or even let know that he couldn't meet. Honestly, I'm ready to give up because it's all a load of bullshit and I'm just going to buy a dog.

He still hasn't messaged me to explain why or even let me know what the fuck happened. Keep checking back though guys because I will be updating this post with any new developments in the tragic tale that is my failed dating experience!

So after all the love for this post I felt brave and decided to send him a message, pretty much asking what happened and well this was how the conversation went...

hmm yeah, not really much of an apology mate if I'm honest. I felt I was pretty tame in my response and kept my inner psycho to a minimum. He still hasn't replied to this and I doubt he will. But at least I know why he didn't message me- because he's a complete and utter dick!

Let me know your dating disasters in the comments and let's share the pain together! 

Till next time,



  1. Ugh Robyn, like I said on Twitter when this happened, you deserve SO much better than this! I totally agree that he lacked all kinds of common decency when he just failed to get in touch! His mother obviously didn't teach him any manners! One day a guy who is worthy of you will come along and take you on a fantastic date!! Go you for staying strong!

    Abbey 💖 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. Damn girl I can't imagine why he would ghost you like that, it's just rude and you deserve so much better! X

  3. I'm glad I've never had to do this whole dating thing.. me and my bf have been together since I was 16! Don't worry though, you'll find someone ❤

    Terri / www.territalks.co.uk

  4. OMG what a douche! Like yeah, you get that he may be busy or have other things to do but he could tell you at least! oh my god... poor you. I am sure you'll find someone better! Things never happen for no reason! xx Corinne

  5. Sorry love. He's such a douchebag. Tempted to call him worse. Don't lose faith though. A better man will definitely come along and sweep you off your feet (I'm a romantic).

    Onyi from www.onyixtus.com

  6. That is literally the worst you could do. I can't understand how someone could get your hopes up and then just drop out without any explanation. So sorry you had to deal with that!

  7. Oh what an ass! Don't let him get you down... Boys suck! Lol

  8. What an idiot! You can defo do better than this, I have had this myself and it made me feel crap too :( chin up!! xx


  9. Ugh what a joke! I've never been on a date either lol we're safe in the unknown! Someone better will come along - just you wait girl x


  10. Seriously. Fuck that guy. You deserve someone who will love you more than this world. And someone who knows how to treat their lady right. I mean you're gorgeous, on point and one of the most genuine n loveliest people I know on here. So you do you girl! Keep us updated girly! xx

    sami | possiblysami.com

  11. What an absolute arse! As if he basically did the same thing twice, once is bad enough. He's deffo not worth your time, that's for sure! I guess you have to kiss (or not in this case) a few frogs before you find your prince haha. I love your blog design btw!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

  12. What a crap situation! Sorry to hear you've encountered such a turd, dating definitely has its ups and downs. I went on three dates with one guy recently and then it got a bit awkward when he told me he had two kids, shit happens though! Just keep your head up girl, hopefully you've learned something from this, just keep it moving. You got this xx

  13. you stick it to him B! Seriously fuck that guy man, what an arse hole!xx

  14. That's awful, I can't believe he didn't even have the decency to explain why. I'd hate not knowing! x

  15. I'm really sorry to hear this happened to you! I hope you get back up on your feet soon :)

    skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo

  16. Ugh Robyn that sounds so awful! Even more annoying that you never found out an explanation <3


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