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2 April 2017


Gingham is everywhere! I am beyond excited that this fabric is back in fashion because honestly I love everything about gingham!
I love fashion that is inspired by vintage or the decades of the past. The 50s/ 60s is a particular favourite of mine fashion wise. I feel like the colours and styles of these clothes were just so beautiful! I love going to vintage carnivals and vintage fairs so incorporating vintage inspired fashion is something I love to do!

When I saw this gingham dress in Primark I was slightly hesitant to buy it because I didn't know whether I could pull it of or style it in my particular way of dressing. It was on my third trip to Primark with my friend when she pretty much forced me to buy it. I'm so glad she did! I was unsure on the baby doll style of this dress as it's quite loose and it's not something I would tend to go for.

I loved the challenge of styling this in my typical style whilst adding a slight vintage twist. I decided to pair the dress with my ankle boots and yellow leather jacket. I love how this dress looked paired with my leather jacket and feel like it really added my own personal twist to this outfit. I loved adding a retro twist to fashion and I really love how these photos turned out!

and because I know how much you like my outtakes here are my faves:
when someone feels the need to stare whilst you take photos...

when the wind too strong...

seriously I could have served tea on this blowed out dress...

Have you tried the gingham trend? What do you think about it?

Till next time,
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  1. I typically don't wear yellow and black together because it reminds me of a bumble bee but you are rocking it girl


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