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7 May 2017


I love having fun with my makeup and clothes! I love experimenting and trying new things and I've been playing around with an idea for a new series on Midnight and Lace for a while. I've been slightly unsure if this was a good idea but I've decided to just go for it and hope you guys like it!
So my plan is that once a month I'm hoping to create a look that is inspired by something- either a person, fictional character, film and create a whole look based on this! I'm hoping it's going to be something fun that will challenge me!

I decided to start of fairly simple, with a character that I take a lot of style inspiration from- Wednesday Addams. So I talk a lot about Wednesday on my blog and how a lot of my style come from her- but I've never really spoken about why she is an inspiration of mine. I love the character of Wednesday and feel like she is someone I can relate to- besides the drinking poison. I have what I guess has come to be known as resting bitch face. To quote Wednesday herself "I'm not perky" I'm not good at showing my emotion so I often worry that I come across as- well a bitch! And I mean I am- but not all the time, I promise! Wednesday taught me that it's okay to not smile all the time and that I shouldn't feel bad for not smiling and that it's probably best if I don't (honestly, I look like a psychopath when I smile).

Wednesday is my true goth self and I love her fierce independence! She is a true feminist who doesn't need a man! I feel like growing up I was never into the whole dating thing (I'm still not!). I think I've always been a bit skeptical when it comes to love- I'm a realist and part of me questions whether love really exists. Right now I'm focusing on myself and what's important and I very much identify with Wednesday in The Addams Family Values when she is asked how she'd feel if someone loved her and she replies with "I'd pity him" I love her witty one liners- which she has a ton of in the films!

Dress- Zara // Shoes- Docs //Bracelet & Choker- Links of London // Bone Clips- Depop // Wednesday Doll- JGDrawings. 
She stands up for the outcasts, reminds us all to embrace our quirkiness, take no shit from anyone and how to hide a body if needs be! I would argue she is the coolest kid I think there will ever be...

I hope you like this idea for a new blog series- I'd love your thoughts and any suggestions you have for Inspired posts!

Till next time,
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  1. I loved checking out this post! She is very cool for sure! When I was growing up I was never into the whole dating thing either! xx


  2. Your posts never fail to impress me, I honestly love them so much! Ohh your shoes are so lovely by the way!
    -Olivia Xxx


  3. You look beautiful. This dress is so cute. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  4. Oh my gosh gal this is one of my fave looks on you!! The hair and everything is just so perfect 💗

    Terri / www.territalks.co.uk

  5. When I saw the first picture I was like "this outfit looks familiar" and then I read the title and I was like "ahah well, here it is, wednesday adam" I really like the dress! and the hair! xx corinne

  6. I love this! Wednesday is a fantastic character and you pulled her off effortlessly!

    The Ethical Evolution x

  7. I love this type of post and can't wait for the rest of the series! This look is great! X

  8. Girl! I LOVE this post!!! Definitely gonna follow :)

  9. I love this new series! Can't wait to see what else you create.
    Emily-May x


  10. Yes, you are killing the Wednesday look! I love her too <3

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I love this look! And I also love Wednesday Adams! I have a similar dress to this actually, but it's from Bershka. I haven't worn that dress yet and I'm definitely looking at your outfit post as an inspiration.

    Aria x | http://notesonthursdays.com


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