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28 May 2017


We made it! Midnight and Lace turns one today (well I'm saying it's today- it was definitely around this date!) I can't believe I've had this lil blog of mine for an entire year now. If I'm honest I never thought I'd make it this long- I didn't think I'd have the dedication to stick it out but I have never been prouder of something I've done.

It's funny to look back and reflect on the journey I've been on over the past year with this blog. When I started this blog I had next to no self-confidence and the thought of posting my face on the internet for others to see terrified me! It took me a good few months to post a picture of my face on here and now I'm guessing you're all pretty sick of seeing this goth's face! I never realised how much having a blog has allowed me to progress into the person I've always wanted to be and for the first time in a really long time- I'm really content with my life. I'm happy with myself, I have gained so much more confidence than before and I've finally learnt to embrace and be proud of the body I have.

One of the things I love most about blogging is the incredible family I've become apart of here on the internet. The blogging community is something I am so proud to be apart of. It's amazing how you can feel so alone and unlike everyone around you and then discover that there are people all over the world that share similar interests and like the same things as you! Through blogging I've had the opportunity to meet so many amazing bloggers that inspire me so much!

I've reached so many milestones in my first year of blogging- which I didn't even realise! Just the other week I came on to see that over 16.6 thousand of you have looked at my lil blog since I first created Midnight & Lace a year ago! I have had so many wonderful opportunities through blogging and I am beyond grateful to each and every single one of you for joining me on this journey!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that anyone would want to read what I have to say or see the content I like creating. I just want to say a huge thank you for your never ending support! It amazes me every time I see someone has read one of my posts or taken the time out of their day to leave me a comment to show their support! I remember when my blog first got 10 views in a day and it made me so happy because the idea of 10 people looking at my blog was huge! Now Midnight and Lace sometimes gets 300-400 page views in a day! That is fucking insane!

All I can say is thank you! Thank you to anyone who has ever read one of my posts. Thank you to anyone who has left me a comment. Thank you for sharing my posts on Twitter. For liking my Instagram posts. Thank you for showing my blog and I so much love and kindness, you will never know what your support means to me. Thank you for supporting a goth who never thought she would ever find a place where she fit in. Thank you for teaching me that it's okay to be different.

Thank you for everything and here's to the next year- it's going to be one hell of a ride!

Till next time,
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  1. Wishing you the happiest of blog birthdays, Robyn! Finding an online family, as you describe it, is something that has made me fall in love with blogging as well! It makes me so happy to hear that writing and sharing your life (and your awesome outfits!) on the Internet has impacted so positively on your self-confidence! Here's to another year of blogging!

    Abbey 🌺 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. Happy blog birthday! The first birthday is such a big milestone! You can achieve so much in one year! And you also learn so much! To all your future achievements! xx corinne

  3. Happy first blog birthday! Reading this and seeing how much you confidence has grown is inspiring, congratulations! xx

  4. Aww, happy first blog birthday! The pictures are so cute and I love the happy expression. Your blog is definitely very unique and I love to read your posts when I stumble across them. Congrats lovely x

    sami | possiblysami.com

  5. Happy blog birthday! I'm glad you've enjoyed your first year; what a milestone! Hopefully you'll have another great Year 2 with lots of exciting opportunities! X BeautyBlitzBlog.com

  6. Omg that shadow photo is the cutest haha.. Happy blog birthday! You've written some amazing content and I look forward to seeing what your blog brings in the future :)

    Terri / www.territalks.co.uk

  7. I loved reading about your first year - it seems like you've achieved so much so go you! Good luck with the next year too! http://smallthingsoftoday.weebly.com/

  8. Congrats Robyn! This is amazing and wowzas you have achieved so much already x

  9. Major major congratulations! that's such a huge achievement! I can't wait to watch my blog grow and evolve, right now I've had mine for about 5 months!

  10. Such a lovely thing to celebrate and also to look back on how far you've come in the space of 1 year. Happy blog birthday, can't wait to see what the next year brings,
    Zara xx

  11. Happy Blog Birthday! Sticking to blogging for a year is a big deal. I wish you much more amazing blogging years lovely! xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  12. I love the pictures, especially the shadow one (see what I did there 😉). Congratulations on your milestone and wishing you many more to come. I have 2 blogs and one turns 3 today. My other is only 3 months old. x

  13. Happy Blogging Birthday Robyn! I love your blog so much and I hope you have many, many more blog birthdays to come <3
    -Olivia Xxxx


  14. Oh congraaats on your blog turning one! Hopefully many blogging years to come ( I am sureee)


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