Guess who finally got inked?! That's right, a few days ago I finally stopped being a baby and got my first tattoo! Getting a tattoo is a big deal, especially when it's your first so I thought I would share with you my experience and tell you all about why I decided to get a tattoo and what my tattoo means to me.


One of the things I have begun to love the most about blogging is getting out of my house and finding new places to take my photos! Being an introvert/ all-round anxious person sometimes I find comfort in staying inside. It's where I feel safe and don't constantly worry about what people are thinking or making judgements about the way I dress.


It finally happened. I finally saw Paramore! I feel like I have been waiting forever to see this band and honestly being this patient definitely payed off! There are no words to describe how incredible they are and the whole day was filled with positivity, good vibes and a lot of emotion!


Today’s post is slightly different to my usual Sunday fashion post on the blog. For this post, I decided to take the challenge of creating three different outfits for different occasions- each being based around the same key wardrobe staple- a denim skirt. I purchased a denim skirt a couple months back and I find it so easy to style as it is one of those pieces that is so versatile and can be worn with anything, for anything! To help me style three different outfits, I teamed up with Pretty Polly, a lingerie and hosiery brand.


So as you are probably all aware by now, ya girl's got a sweet tooth! I am such a dessert fan and more often than not when we go out to eat, I turn straight to the dessert menu- I mean everyone knows that's the best part of a menu anyways, am I right? So when I was invited by Griddle & Shake to come and try their new dessert menu, it's safe to say I was over the moon!


Do you know what I love? Discovering new treasures in my hometown! Nottingham is such a beautiful city and I couldn't imagine calling anywhere else home. This week I managed to go back to a small area of Notts that has a ton of incredible street art. Sneinton Market has a ton of storage units that are all decorated with a different street art in all different colours and styles. With all that colour and uniqueness- how could I pass up the opportunity to shoot a "few" photos there?! 


I will be the first to admit that I used to hate politics! I was naive and ignorant about it all. I really didn't care that much about it and if I'm honest thought it was all boring. Since I'm now an "adult" (I use that term very loosely) politics has become something I've really become engaged with.


Don't get me wrong, I don't hate summer... well I don't completely hate summer! I just find it pretty difficult to be a goth in the summer. I am a goth. I wear a lot of black. There is one thing I've learnt and that is that the sun and black clothing do not mix well! It makes you hot, feel like you are melting from the inside and just irritated.