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14 June 2017


So as you are probably all aware by now, ya girl's got a sweet tooth! I am such a dessert fan and more often than not when we go out to eat, I turn straight to the dessert menu- I mean everyone knows that's the best part of a menu anyways, am I right? So when I was invited by Griddle & Shake to come and try their new dessert menu, it's safe to say I was over the moon!

One of the many things I love about my hometown of Nottingham are the many places to go and eat. I love all the independent places to eat as I love supporting businesses from my hometown! I was super excited to go and try the food out at Griddle & Shake on Fletchergate, as I had heard so many great reviews and couldn't wait to try it out for myself! Griddle & Shake is a place that specialises in burgers and milkshakes- hence the name! I love a good burger and the whole set out is something that really appealed to me as it gave you a lot of free choice! Being a fussy eater I always worry about going out to eat because I have to ask for toppings to be taken of but at Griddle & Shake you get to choose all your toppings at no additional cost! Which is fab! The pricing is super cheap and you really do get a lot for your money!

 The first thing that caught my eye was the insane artwork on the diner window, I had to stop and take a picture! I was impressed before I had even stepped in the door. The decor inside was just as visually stunning! Griddle & Shake has a very rustic/ nature vibe which I love with a spacious seating plan and lovely plants and nature growing everywhere! I am a sucker for lights and this place has some seriously cool lighting!

 Okay, enough about what the place looks like because I could go on about how cool it is for ever! So, Griddle & Shake have recently launched a brand new dessert menu and I was lucky enough to be asked to come and try it out for myself! After spending a good ten minutes trying to decide what to have- honestly I was so torn between the brownie and waffles! I finally picked waffles with vanilla ice-cream (can't beat a classic flavour!) and chocolate sauce to really satisfy my sweet tooth! I also decided upon getting a strawberry milkshake, I love milkshakes and don't get to have them nearly as often as I liked so I was sooo happy to be ordering my drink of choice!

Oh. My. Word. This did not disappoint! I always find it difficult to describe food and how much I enjoyed it, but I'll give it my best go! The waffle was chewy in the middle but had a really nice crisp outer layer and as the chocolate sauce created a little pool in each of the holes (?) it soaked in the sauce. Then with the ice cream as well. It was just heaven! So I'm a girl with a big appetite and this waffle was so filling, I almost couldn't finish it! Almost, not quite! I really enjoyed every single bite and I'm definitely craving some more waffle and ice-cream right now!

Here's a look at the blondie/ brownie with ice-cream which both my mum and aunt assure me tastes just as good as the waffle!

The thing about dessert is... it's just the best! Nothing will ever beat dessert and the menu at Griddle & Shake has firmly solidified my love for all things sweet! I mean just look at that waffle?! It just looks so good and it tastes even better!

My strawberry milkshake was also everything I had hoped for and more! I love drinking milkshakes, they just taste so refreshing and are perfect on a summer's day! As you can see I was thoroughly enjoying drinking my milkshake when this photo was taken!

I was so thrilled to be asked to go and try out the new dessert range from Griddle & Shake and they did not disappoint! Being such a fan of dessert and having such a sweet tooth, I consider myself quite a tough critic but honestly their new dessert range was excellent and at such an affordable price I have a feeling it won't be long before my next visit to Griddle & Shake. If you are ever in need of a sweet fix in Nottingham, I definitely recommend Griddle & Shake, if you are interested here is a link to their website including directions on where to find them!

Thank you so much for having me Griddle & Shake, I had so much..

You see what I did there ;)

Have you ever been to Griddle & Shake?

Till next time,
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  1. This looks absolutely delicious. I'm also a big dessert lover. I don't think that I've seen better waffles. xx

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  2. Oh wow it looks so yummy here! Fab review lovely x

  3. OMG OMG OMG! Why did I read that! I am starving again now! This food looks so so good! Jealous! xx corinne

  4. This food looks amazing.. I am so jealous right now.. because we definitely do not have a Griddle & Shake in Colorado! Agh. It sounds & looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! x

  5. This place looks amazing, and delicious! Wish I had somewhere like this near me.


  6. Wow this place sounds and looks amazing! Love the look of that waffle and also the blondie looks delicious. Need to try this place!

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  7. Those waffles look so good! Definitely gonna check that place out when I next go to visit my friends in Nottingham!
    Jas xz

  8. I have never been but LOVE the artwork for this! Look amazing too I want! x
    Lola Mia // www.lolitabonita.co.uk

  9. oh my god, this looks soo good! I really wish there was somewhere like this near me!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  10. Omg looks so good! Also loving the artwork too, love going to food places which look a little different :) x


  11. So delicious ! Got me craving a waffle nowwww :D



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