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21 June 2017


It finally happened. I finally saw Paramore! I feel like I have been waiting forever to see this band and honestly being this patient definitely payed off! There are no words to describe how incredible they are and the whole day was filled with positivity, good vibes and a lot of emotion!
Anyone who knows me, will know that Paramore have been my favourite band and have guided me through my teenage years! This band literally saved my life! Growing up I got really into punk/ rock music and Paramore in particular really stood out to me. I loved everything about them- their image, their sound, Hayley Williams voice! I feel like with each Paramore album, it helped me through various stages of my life and their songs almost acted as a soundtrack to my life.

From their punk angst sound to their current 80s vibe, they have always been the band I turn to. Growing up I had a lot of inner rage and I listened to these songs as a way to deal with my own emotions of not being able to fit in and feeling so abnormal to everyone else. I feel like I myself have matured along with their sound and I really related to the lyrics on the After Laughter Album. For me After Laughter is about felling sad and having to deal with your own personal issues whilst trying to seem positive and upbeat on the outside. That's why I love Fake Happy, everyone is going through their own issues that we may not know about, yet we all put on this fake smile and tell everyone that we're okay- even when we aren't. Paramore has been the band I always keep turning to and Hayley Williams is one of my biggest inspirations!

Hayley taught me to embrace who I was! She was so unapollegitcally herself and she never shyed away from standing out from the crowd. I loved her bright hair colours and I have always wanted to dye my hair orange because of her! She brings so much energy and life to her performances (and she has some pretty cool dance moves!) the way she interacts with the crowd and with the other members of the band, you can just tell she is having the time of her life on stage- her energy is so infectious!

I also finally got to meet some bloggers! I got to meet Jess ( Foxtailzz) which was so special to me because she has always been one of the bloggers I look up to- I love her style, her blog, everything and I can confirm she is just as cool and lovely in real life! I also got to meet Megs and I mean just look at how cool she looks! It was so lovely to meet both of these fellow bloggers! I love meeting bloggers out and about- to me it's so cool to meet the person behind the blog.

I loved how the included the whole range of their music career within the show- playing some classics like Misery Business and Playing God and some of their new material like Rose Coloured Boy and Hard Times and they also covered another one of my favourite bands- Fleetwood Mac! It felt like we were all being taken on a tour of Paramore's music career and I loved every minute of it! I was living my best life at this concert and I'm not ashamed to say I cried- a lot. It was so emotional for me to finally see them after so long of being a fan of them and their music. It was like I was finally fulfilling a promise to 12 year old me!

It was honestly the best night of my life. Thank you so much Paramore for making this a show I'll never forget!

Till next time,

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  1. This is so cute. Sounds like such an incredible experience and a night to never forget! I'm so happy for you and glad you enjoyed it! Xx

    Sami | samiyah.co.uk

  2. Omg you went to a Paramore concert?! I'm so jealous, and I know exactly what you mean about going on a journey with the band through their different styles over time.

    Morgan // www.justmorgs.com

  3. Ahhh i'm so pleased you got to see them, and I'm so glad you had an amazing time! - plus awesome bonus to meet some of your favourite bloggers!
    Hels xx

  4. Oh wow I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to see paramore!

  5. I know that band. Their name is familiar and when I was in high school I remember them being quite popular but I have actually never listened to their music. I feel like I am missing out and that I should. Sounds like you had an amazing night! xx corinne

  6. I love playing god, it used to speak volumes to me. I also love how misery business, whether you're a fan of paramore or not, can literally unite the room in song. Looks like you had a fab time, im hoping paramore will do reading/leeds or download festival in the next few years, but i can sorta see them doing glastonbury (a festival i cant get to) as they keep getting bigger and bigger. Would love to hear tracks like playing god, ignorance, aint it fun and daydreaming one day. Like you said though, they're one of those bands that are worth the wait. Great post and im glad you had such a good time. So jealous! Aha.

  7. You had such an amazing view?! I saw Paramore a few years back, and they were amazing! I wish I could have seen them again this time round!


  8. I can't believe you got to see Paramore in concert! You are so lucky! Loved this post, Robyn. xo


  9. I am so jealous of you right now. I have loved Paramore since my scene days and Hayley inspired some of my hair style choices! This post warmed my heart and I'm so glad you gt to see your favourite band especially as they have helped you!! xox


  10. Looks like you had a lovely time. I love Paramore!

  11. Looks like you had a great time!! Great outfit too.

  12. This sounds like such a great show! I always love to hear about how singers influence everyone-

  13. Sounds like a lot of fun. Hadn't heard of Paramore-- should add them to my list.


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