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18 June 2017


Today’s post is slightly different to my usual Sunday fashion post on the blog. For this post, I decided to take the challenge of creating three different outfits for different occasions- each being based around the same key wardrobe staple- a denim skirt. I purchased a denim skirt a couple months back and I find it so easy to style as it is one of those pieces that is so versatile and can be worn with anything, for anything! To help me style three different outfits, I teamed up with Pretty Polly, a lingerie and hosiery brand.

I was over the moon when the lovely people over at Pretty Polly sent me a collection of their products to try for myself. Getting the chance to work with this brand was particularly special, as they are based in my hometown Nottingham! I’ve been really showing a lot of Notts love and pride on the blog recently and I just love being able to showcase all the greatness that comes out of the place I call home! I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of their fashion tights to help me style my three different outfits!


When going for a more casual look, I typically pair my denim skirt with an oversized tee, Docs and a denim jacket. I try to break up the amount of black by wearing this blue denim jacket and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love double denim?! The first pair of tights I received from Pretty Polly were these metallic paint splatter ones and I was so excited to try these after falling in love with them on the site. They are so different to any tights I have ever seen and really complete the outfit! I've received so many compliments when I’ve worn these tights and they are guaranteed to turn heads. They are super comfy and fit perfect, which is always a worry of mine with tights. Compared to the other two pairs of tights these are the thickest, so will be perfect even when it starts to get a bit cooler in the Autumn. These tights really complement my style and make me look so much cooler than what I actually am!

Denim Jacket- Vintage // Tee- H&M // Skirt- H&M // Tights- Pretty Polly // Boots- Docs


Styling a smarter outfit was the biggest challenge for me. I don’t tend to ever have an occasion in which I need to dress smart, so this was hard! However, I settled upon wearing my cactus print shirt and my new obsession- this vintage oversized blazer. I was really pleased with how this outfit came out and it felt so good to try something new and get out of my comfort zone with a smarter (less black!) outfit. I brought this cactus shirt a while back and I never get the chance to wear it, which is such a shame because its beautiful! If I worked in an office, I would be that person who dressed this extra every day! I decided that the Pretty Polly spot tights worked best with this outfit and I really think it complements the entire look. These tights have a lower denier so are slightly more see through, which is perfect as it really showcases the darker spots on the tights. I love these tights as I have been wanting to style a pair of spotty tights for so long! I feel they add a unique twist to a classic look and can really jazz up any workwear.

Cactus Print Shirt- Topshop // Denim Skirt- H&M // Tights- Pretty Polly // Shoes- Docs // Blazer- Vintage

Night out.

I am one of those really lazy people who never really puts much effort into a night out outfit. I tend to just dress really casually and I’ve definitely worn the casual outfit featured in this post on a few nights out before! I would love to make more of an effort- I just never know what to wear, so end up wearing outfits I’ve already styled before. So for this post it gave me the perfect opportunity to style up my denim skirt. I ended up pairing my skirt with a mesh top I have been dying to have an occasion to wear. I then paired the whole outfit with my PVC boots and these shell tights from Pretty Polly’s S/S17 collection. Out of all three pairs, these ones made me the most nervous! They are very different from anything I’ve ever owned but after styling them with this outfit I’ve kinda grown to love them! I feel like they’re a twist on the fishnet trend and if you like to follow trends but want to add an individual twist then these are perfect! When shooting this outfit with my mum/ photographer she kept commenting on how these were her favourite out of the three. My mum is the tights queen and is always asking me if I’m wearing tights or buying me another pair of tights because “you can never have too many pairs of tights” so I trust her judgement and I’m so glad she likes this pair. They really help to create a unique outfit that I can’t wait to wear on a night out!

Mesh Top- TK Maxx // Denim Skirt- H&M // Tights- Pretty Polly // Boots- H&M 

Fashion tights have become a new and unique way to add a personal twist to any outfit and can help to create completely different outfits for every occasion! Thank you so much Pretty Polly for sending me these tights- I love them! You can check out their website to browse all of their fashion tights (and they have so beautiful bras I’ve been eyeing up as well) here!

Till next time,
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  1. I love your style! Great outfit ideas! I think the lightning tights would be a bit much for me, but I love the dotted ones xx

    mia // https://okaaythen.com


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