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12 July 2017


How are we half way through 2017 already?! This year is going so incredibly fast and I don't quite know whether I can keep up! It seems like a few weeks ago that I published my LOOKING FORWARD TO 2017 post, in which I created a list of the things I wanted to accomplish this year.
So, I decided to do a quick check in of where I am with my goals- to see how many I have achieved and which ones I still need to accomplish before the end of the year!

To graduate from University with a 2:1 (I'm hopeful!) So I will be graduating- with a FIRST CLASS HONOURS DEGREE! I'm unbelievably happy and proud of my lil brain and I. 

To be in my first job as a teacher. Guys, I have a real job! I will have my own class in September and I'm pretty damn excited! 

To be surviving my NQT year in a school I really like. Haha to be decided 

To continue to develop my personal style of writing. I feel like I have found my blogging voice and the style of blogging I am really happy with! 

To stay on top of blogging and make time to write good quality posts. I feel like I've been pretty consistent with my blogging, I've made a schedule which has helped so much! 

To improve my instagram game. Haha well the algorithm fucked us all over so this is a nope! 

To start posting outfit/fashion posts. This goal seems kinda funny now! It's strange to remember back in December when I wrote this that I didn't take fashion photos and now I'm a fashion blogger! Seeing as I post a fashion post once a week I think it's safe to say I achieved this one! 

To work on the quality of the photos I take (and create a stock pile of photos) Awh photos! I will always think my photography needs improving but when I compare it to now I am so happy with how much better they are! So I guess I have made some progress! 

To increase my blog traffic and following for my blog. Awwh man! This blog has outdone all of my expectations! They're are now over 5k of you who view my blog each month! That's insane and I have increased my social media following as well! I am beyond happy with how my blog has grown over the past 6 months. 

To maintain a healthy weight. Hahaha I am the pizza queen. I need to work on this. 

To stop overthinking everything that happens (especially when they don't matter!) I am getting better at this, but, anxiety doesn't just stop and nor will it ever! I over think situations but I'm starting to control it more which is a good thing! 

To improve my mental state and how I see myself- I am good enough and I will fully believe this by next year. I feel like my confidence has sky rocketed this past 6 months! I have always had really low self esteem but through blogging and fashion blogging I feel like I have embraced who I am and been lucky enough to have a whole community to not only accept that but encourage me to do so! Having this support for how I dress and who I am has made me start to believe in myself too, so this one is down to you guys! 

To stop being a pussy and get a tattoo. Say what?! Ya girl got a tattoo and I am so in love with it! 

To finally go to York and meet the coolest human Jessica. Well it was Doncaster but I met my goth queen and sister Jess! I had the best time with Jess, we did a blog shoot and we just get on so well! I speak to Jess on a weekly basis now and we are planning our next visit to see each other! 

To continue to develop my uniqueness and not give a shit what anyone else thinks. Haha yep I achieved this one! I mean I still think there's room to embrace more weirdness in myself but for the first time I feel like I am 100% my authentic self and it feels fucking amazing! 

To be selfish and do things that have my best interest at heart and put myself first. This is hard. I don't know actually, I have but at the same time there are times I don't put myself first when I should. 

To travel abroad (somewhere, anywhere!) Noooo! I don't think I'll make it abroad this year but definitely next year this will happen! 

To try new foods. Haha this is one I always set myself and never accomplish! I'm a fussy eater for life! 

2017 has been pretty successful so far! I have had the opportunity to do so many incredible things this year, both with my blog and my personal life. I think it is so important to do this from time to
time, to be able to look and think yeah I did that! I completed that goal! I'm feeling incredibly lucky and incredibly blessed with my life right now. Here's hoping 2017 continues to be the year I get shit done!

Have you completed any of your yearly goals? 

Till next time, 
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  1. Where has the year gone?! Looks like your smashing your targets hun. I love your new tattoo, it's never as painful as people expect ;) xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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