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9 July 2017


Finding new locations has become one of my favourite things about blogging and recently I have been having a ton of fun exploring new blogging locations with my photographer/ mother/ best friend. Seeing as the sun was out, we decided to venture to the woods where we used to walk my dog. This made the perfect location because not only could I get some great shots, we could also bring along Coco and she enjoyed a long walk around Ploughman Wood.

When I brought this dress, I instantly regretted it. I am not one for "tight clingy clothes". I usually tend to stick to something tighter on the top and looser on the bottom. For as long as I can remember I haven't been happy with the way my body looks. I'm quite small on top and larger on the bottom, so I tend to stay away from anything that shows off how big my ass and thighs are. I hate the word "pear shape" pears are not cute. Neither are they a shape size. It's a piece of fruit. I feel like as bloggers or as people in general we are almost taught to believe that we should all look a certain way or that we can only wear certain styles of clothing if we are a certain size/ shape. It's taken me a while to believe but that is complete bullshit! I have slowly come to accept my body for the way it is- thighs and all! This dress is definitely out of my comfort zone but sometimes I feel like that is a good thing! It gives me all the AHS Coven vibes and makes me feel like my figure isn't as terrible as I used to think it was!

I love walking in the woods, there's just something about the potential of someone walking behind you and murdering you that I always love. Joke! Woods are creepy, they are the setting for a number of horror films and I'm not surprised! There is so much hidden space and it's such a big area that it would be so easy to just wait for someone to walk past and drag them into the woods without anyone even seeing or noticing that they're missing. As you can probably tell I have quite the imagination and I'm one of those people that always seems to think of the worst possible scenario or the scenario that is so ridiculous it could only ever happen in a film. All joking aside, this wood is probably one of the creepiest I've ever been to seeing as it is RIGHT NEXT TO A PRISON! So Ploughman Wood backs onto a prison which is kinda cool, kinda fucking terrifying. So, my slightly irrational thinking of being attacked whilst walking in this wood- not so irrational. I mean all dark and slightly inappropriate humour about being killed aside, this wood is beautiful! I love being surrounded by nature and I really loved walking around this wood, we even saw a family of bees!

So there is this tree that has every year carved into it since 1995 and I like to think its a prisoner carving in each year he's been in prison, almost like he's counting his life. Told you, overactive imagination. 

Oh look, a rare photo of me laughing >.<

 I always love going to shoot amongst nature, it always has the best sights and backgrounds. I also really love how the green and black contrast with each other to enhance my complete gothness!

Do you have/ know of any spooky locations near you? Let me know!

Till next time,
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  1. omg you look so pretty sis. And those sunglasses are really cute! I love walking in the woods too, especially on my own for a few minutes or with a friend. It's so peaceful and relaxing and gives me time to detox. Love this post girl. x

    Sami // samiyah.co.uk

  2. I'm so glad you pushed outside your comfort zone and took a chance on this dress because you've totally pulled it off! I saw you wearing it on your Insta story and thought how fab you looked! The creepy wood venue compliments your style perfectly!

    Abbey 🌻 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  3. I'm completely with you on the whole not liking clingy dresses - however, this dress looks amazing on you! And the whole look really fits with the surroundings as well - gotta love the slighty creepy woods :)

  4. No spooky location next to where I live. Or not that I know of. I really like your dress. Looks great on you xx corinne

  5. These pictures are gorgeous! Also i love your outfit! Xx

  6. Such pretty photos (though the thought of that forest makes my own overactive imagination go just as crazy as yours) and I'd be lying if I said I didn't like that outfit of yours! It also goes very well with the greed of the trees and bushes, haha!

    I was also very happy to read about you accepting your body the way it is - I think this is a topic we all need to become much more sensitive about and I love that you're encouraging people to wear whatever the hell they want!

    xx Solange | creativepineapples.blogspot.com

  7. You always kill it gal! Loving the wavy hair, and those sunglasses are too cute omg x

    Terri / www.territalks.co.uk

  8. You look absolutely stunning in this dress and I can totally understand your dislike for tight clothes I'm the opposite I'm busty but flat assed so I'm so jealous of your curves! You're totally right about rocking coven vibes too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌻✨ www.kayleighzaraa.com

  9. I love your blog layout and you look great as always

  10. Looking beautiful hun! The woods always make for the best backdrop in my opinion haha xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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