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5 July 2017


It's July?! How did that happen. I can't believe we are pretty much half way through 2017 all ready?! This month has been pretty big and I feel like I have been busy every day this month from working, blogging, moving back to Nottingham full time. Anyways, time for me to share some of my favourite moments from June.

Probably the most exciting thing I did this month was get my first tattoo! I finally grew some lady balls and booked myself in to the get the tattoo I have been wanting for so long and I wish I had done it sooner! I'm already craving more ink! I did an entire post on my new tattoo, you can read it here.

Being a goth and idolizing The Addams Family growing up, when I heard there was a musical on my favourite family I knew I had to go! I had the best time at The Addams Family Musical- all the cast were brilliant, the songs were insane and it was so dark and funny! Of course your girl went dressed as Wednesday!

I feel like June was the month where I took my blogging to the next level and I'm so proud of Midnight and Lace! Particularly for my fashion posts, I've been working on finding new and exciting locations to shoot and I'm beyond happy with how my photos have been turning out in comparison to when I shot them in my garden!

I'm sensing a theme here. I love Primark underwear, I think they are incredibly comfortable, have such a cute range available and are such a reasonable price! This month I decided to pick up this embroidered floral set and this caged bra which I am loving! I can't wait to wear this with a mesh tee!

If you didn't already know- I'm obsessed with these trousers! I featured them on my latest outfit post (check it out here). Being a goth and Tim Burton fan, they instantly reminded me of Beetlejuice and I just think they are the coolest item of clothing I think I'll ever own.

Okay so I am a liquid lipstick fan. There is something about a matte lip that I love and liquid lipsticks are my favourite way to achieve this! These lipsticks have become my go to! They are the perfect shade, so pigmented and require minimal reapplication! They have survived every test I've put them to so far!

So there we have it, another busy month and I have a feeling July will be just as busy as I am graduating from university, working, birthdays, blogging! I love having a busy schedule!

What were the top things you did in June?

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  1. I LOVE your tattoo!! And you suit being Wednesday so much. I'm desperate to find more places to take my outfit photos but I'm still not confident enough just taking photos on the street or in public!? How do you do it?!


  2. YES YES YES to all of this! I really love your tattoo and the placement of it, really suits you. Also, how amazing are Primark at the moment?! I can't get over how cheap but beautiful some of their pieces :)

    Sophie Elizabeth


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