30 August 2017


How is it nearly September?! I feel like August will always be one of my favourite months of the year- mainly because I'm a teacher and am off work the entire month and it's my birthday (but we're just gonna forget THAT ever happened). This month has been so insane and even now I can't quite believe everything I've managed to pack into this month!

26 August 2017


 I always find transitioning between seasons really difficult, particularly from Summer to Autumn. It's too cold to not wear a jacket, but it's still too warm for me to break out the winter coat just yet. It's always around these transition periods that I find myself reaching for my leather jacket- well more than I usually would! A leather jacket is the perfect item during transitional seasons and they're the perfect outerwear for any occasion!

23 August 2017


Eyebrows. I feel like a trend that has pretty much taken over the world is the want/need to have flawless eyebrows. I know that I am always on the look out for ways in which I can up my brow game. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to eyebrows I wish were my own and am in constant envy of people I see that are blessed with good brows. So, I was beyond excited when Billion Dollar Brows sent me their Universal Eyebrow Pencil* to try.

19 August 2017


On the day we planned to shoot these, it was forecasted rain and I was in two minds whether I should just go another day. But, never one to waste an opportunity to shoot an outfit for my blog, I decided that I would brace the elements and go ahead with the shoot despite the rain. With that being said, it did mean this blog post has turned into a slightly 2 for 1 deal, as I did manage to take a few shots of the outfit I had planned... but I also had to take some shots wearing my coat because it was really cold!

16 August 2017


So I just want to put it out there that I am not a professional and in no way qualified to be giving advice what so ever. That being said, I have been blogging for around 15 months now and I've picked up so many useful tips/ tricks that has really helped me improve the quality of my blogging- things I wish I had known back in the beginning! I asked all you lovely peeps who follow me on Twitter whether this would be something you would want to read and surprisingly you did- so your wish is my command!


12 August 2017


So I feel like summer didn't really happen! As per usual, Britain hasn't been the best for weather this year. Although, I do remember having a few days where I honestly felt like I was going to melt and end up a lil like the witch in Wizard of Oz! So, I guess we've had a bit of summer but I have definitely noticed a change in temperature, with me already having to grab for my woolley jumpers!

9 August 2017


"You've changed" is a phrase I've never known how to take. Do they mean change as in a good change? Or a bad change? And what do they even mean by change? The thing about change is that most of the time we don't recognise it's even happened because for us it might be something that happens gradually. Change can mean an instant change like a haircut or it could be a change that occurs gradually like weight loss or building confidence. I've been thinking about personal change recently and how I have undergone quite a big change over the years.

5 August 2017


Yes, the title of this post was a terrible attempt at a pun for my blog name. You're welcome. So, you might be able to hint from my blog name that I love lace. Fashion has always been an area I have loved and enjoyed learning about, from different styles of clothing all the way to individual material. Lace is without a doubt, my favourite fabric of clothing and I always find myself being drawn to items of clothing that are made of lace.

2 August 2017


If you are in a relationship then you probably don't realise just how easy you have it. For all my single ladies (and gents!) I think we can all agree the absolute shit fest that is dating in 2017. I for one, have had enough of trying to find a man and if I'm honest I think it would be easier and less painful to have a vital organ removed than to find myself a guy!
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