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16 August 2017


So I just want to put it out there that I am not a professional and in no way qualified to be giving advice what so ever. That being said, I have been blogging for around 15 months now and I've picked up so many useful tips/ tricks that has really helped me improve the quality of my blogging- things I wish I had known back in the beginning! I asked all you lovely peeps who follow me on Twitter whether this would be something you would want to read and surprisingly you did- so your wish is my command!

I want to start by saying that the kit you have does not define your blog or your blogging skill, at the end of the day blogging should be about you and the thing I look most for when reading blogs is the uniqueness and personality behind the post! When I first started blogging I didn't own a camera and used my phone. I didn't have the funds to buy a camera or any of the other kit that I saw bloggers using! I used to put money away each month from my student finance (lol) so that I could then begin to invest in my blog. That being said you guys wanted to know what my kit was, so a lot of this will be products that I've brought to help improve my own blogging. I just wanted to make sure you guys know that owning this stuff is not a necessity- what matters most is what you have to say and that you love blogging!


CAMERA- OLYMPUS OM-D MARK II (starting price £529)
I recently upgraded my camera to what I keep calling my first "proper" camera. I brought the twin lense kit for £610 and whilst I did have a mini heart attack giving that much of my money away, I do think the camera is worth it. I would say that photography has been the one thing I always felt I lacked. Back when I first started blogging I used the camera on my phone, then upgraded to a DSLR I brought for less than £100 to now spending over £600 on a camera!

I use the Olympus OM-D Mark II for all of my recent photos and I hope if you look through my previous posts you will be able to notice the difference! I feel like with this camera the quality of my photos has improved- they are clearer, in focus and they just seem sharper and more professional! This has to be the most money I've ever spent on blogging and buying a camera is a huge investment! I love the portrait feature that comes on the camera as the main issue I had with my DSLR was that it wasn't the best for focus and when I shoot outfits- that's what I need my camera to do! I need a camera that showcases my outfits so for me clarity is huge! I was researching cameras for months before I wanted to make sure that I got the camera that was best for me. If you are looking to upgrade your camera then I would recommend reading reviews from blogs, photography forums/ websites and going into a shop like Jessops to speak to the staff! Jessops is probably the best for getting a camera because they specialize in photography and all the staff know a lot about their products compared to a shop like John Lewis where it's more manufactured. Whilst this was a big investment, I am beyond happy with my camera and feel like it has helped improve the quality of the photos I showcase on my blog.

SOFTBOX LIGHTING (£25-£30 for 2)

I decided to purchase soft box lighting during Winter last year, as I work full time and by the time I was getting home it was too dark to take photos. The thing I like about the soft box lighting is that it replicates natural lighting. Of course it will never be able to replace natural lighting- but it does a pretty damn good job! I have found these really useful in the winter or when it's been too dark to shoot. I didn't find these too pricey either and I often use them as lamps in my room! They are a bit of a pain in the arse to set up and you will never get them back in the bag they came in but these are little things I can live with! I watched a Youtube video when I first set mine up and now I can do it blindfolded.

TRIPOD (£7.99)

I'm really fortunate to not have to use a tripod that much anymore. My mum always shoots my outfit posts for me, which has been the biggest help! But when I was at uni, I used to use a tripod and self timer (which is a lil bitch) to shoot my blog photos myself. The way my blogging schedule works is that I post an outfit post on a Saturday and a more lifestyle/ beauty post on a Wednesday. I always shoot for the Wednesday post and my new camera has a really good stabiliser (my other one didn't so the tripod was a must!) so I haven't been using a tripod as much anymore, but I keep it as I sometimes need to shoot myself and will use it for my self-timer.


As you know, I'm very much an alternative/ goth blogger, so a lot of my blogging props reflect this! For blogging props I tend to use whatever I have to hand- my Halloween decorations, artwork (all from Witchcrafts) and sometimes my makeup! The thing about blogging props is that they are really good but I feel like they should reflect the blogger! I'm not into the more stereotypical blogger things like pastels or rose gold, so I wouldn't buy them simply to take a few photos. Use what you have!

A key element of blogging for me is the background. When I first started fashion blogging, I used to do them in my garden, now my confidence has improved I try to get out and shoot in different locations. Getting out and shooting in different locations, I think, works to authenticate your looks- these are looks you wear everyday so the setting should really represent that. Plus part of the fun is finding cool locations! I've managed to find some really cool locations that really compliment my style of fashion blogging like the woods and my favourite- an abandoned church and graveyard!

When I do flatlays (which isn't often because I'm useless at them!) I tend to either use my bedding or this marble wrapping paper I found on sale for £1! Wrapping paper is really good for if you are looking for a blogging background, as they come in pretty much every pattern you could want and can easily be rolled away and stored until next time.


So when I asked for what you wanted me to include- one of the comments I received was "how do you build a following?". If I'm honest, this question threw me because I don't consider myself to have a following. But I guess the best advice I can give is to get involved! I couldn't blog without Twitter- it's my favourite social media site for getting my blog and my content to others! I try to get involved with other bloggers and influencers on Twitter, through blogging chats and comment swap hours which have been a really useful way, not only for me to read and discover new blogs, but for others to read and discover mine! Another way I use social media is to schedule tweets during the day, so that there is a continual promotion of my content and blog even when I'm at work or busy. I use Buffer which is free (there are premium features) that I have found so useful for making my blog and myself a continual presence on social media.

A thing that I have recently added to my blogging kit is a media kit, which I have been using to send to brands and in emails for others to see. I didn't realise how important it was to have a Media Kit until after I got one and have seen the increase in success I've had with reaching out- since I've been sending out a Media Kit I've been added to a PR list, secured a blog collaboration and been invited to three blogging events! A media kit is really useful for any blogger to have as it instantly gives a potential collaborator a quick view of you, your blog, it's history, your statistics and why they should want to work with you! If you would like to learn more about how to make a kick ass Media Kit you should read blogging guru and babe Rhianna's post here She explains it better than I ever could!

Here is my current Media Kit, which I made for free using Canva. Since this was my first time designing a Media Kit, I kept it really simple and have decided to update it monthly with my stats and new pictures etc., to keep it up to date with my blog.

This is currently pretty much everything I use for blogging and if you've made it this far then you deserve a medal! I really hope that you found this useful. I'm not an expert and most of what I've learnt has been through reading posts about blogging and trial and error! The most important thing to remember about blogging is that this is your passion! Share what you love with the world, let your readers see your personality and most importantly have fun because that's what blogging should be about.

If you have other tips/ advice feel free to share it in the comments!

Till next time,

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  1. Your inspiring me to do mine

  2. Oooh I've been seeing a lot about Media Kits lately, so I think I need to make myself one. I'm also OBSESSED with that print of the Maitlands! I'm hopping straight on Witchcrafts after this comment!

    Olivia - The Northernist x

  3. Your media kit is so you! I really need to create one, and you've also inspired me to work on my photo backgrounds!

    Carla x

  4. I had one of those soft boxes with the same bulb. I'd suggest never dropping it! I accidentally shattered mine and it literally turns to dust/glass.

    Another essential I couldn't live without is a camera remote! It's so useful for taking your own pictures.

    I'm not sure if you do this kind of thing or if you'd be interested at all, but I tagged you in a blog tag: The Darkling Tag.


  5. This was a super helpful post; thankyou for sharing it! I love your media kit, it looks great :) I seriously need to invest in softbox lighting! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

  6. Great post! I've been a little out of the loop with blogging lately, and need to get myself back into gear!

    I've been uhming and ahing about a Media Pack for so long but I think I need to just go for it! Yours is lovely.

    Kayla | www.daintydweeb.com

  7. Thanks for forwarding this post, I've found it really helpful! Getting my own media kit sorted as we speak, and actually being able to see yours gives me an idea for what I'm aiming for!
    Juliet | notcapulet.co.uk

  8. This is really informative and helpful. I have been curious about media kit as I am currently in the process of redesigning my blog and would like to update my logo and start branding. Hope you could create an updated post for new bloggers about branding and makkng your blog standout.


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