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13 September 2017


Statistics. Something I feel a lot of us bloggers have a love/ hate relationship with. I can't quite pin point the moment I became quite so concerned with my stats. I wish I could go back to the mentality I had when I first started blogging and I had no idea what my stats meant. Blogging isn't about your statistics at all- so why am I so bothered about them?
I guess the short answer is because as much as I blog for myself and personal enjoyment- I blog for you guys to read my content. I like knowing that you are reading and interacting with my blog and what I post here. I love seeing all the different places where you live- it amazes me that my blog reaches you in different places all over the world like; America, Croatia, Russia, and Australia to name a few! My statistics in some twisted way of thinking is me validating what I do here at Midnight and Lace- it's how I feel like my blog and what I post is any good. If my views aren't as good for a particular post, to me I see that as that particular post not being good enough and I have been known to delete posts because the views weren't as high as I wanted them to be.

It doesn't help that I am the kind of person to put a lot of pressure on myself. I've always been pretty determined to try and be the best or reach for some unattainable level of perfection. My blog included. I always try to outdo previous content. I'm always looking for new ways to improve my blog and what I post. I always want to do better in my stats. For me I will always have a goal and when I reach that instead of celebrating I think about my next goals and what I should be striving for. This can be a good thing- I'm always looking to better myself and my content but at the same time it can sometimes lead to me never feeling satisfied or happy with my own achievements. I was looking at my stats the other day and felt quite low about them- I caught myself and was like since when did I ever think *blank* wasn't good enough? When did I become that person that wasn't happy unless they reached a certain number of views a day?!

Comparison will be the death of me. I constantly compare myself, my blog and my success to others. I feel like this is one of the main reasons why I've become so bothered about my statistics in general. You will never find me talking specifically about what my statistics are (oh the irony that I'm writing a whole post on them). I will never post about how many views a particular post has or how many daily/monthly views I get because I know how seeing others do this has effected me and others self worth. Through posting statistics I feel like it almost turns blogging into a competition of who can get the most views, which blog post has the most comments etc. and quite honestly I am not about that life. I don't want to be in a competition with anyone. I love supporting other bloggers and if I see a blogger celebrating a statistics achievement, I am there cheering them on! But seeing others post their statistics can make me feel a bit shit and like I'm a failure if mine aren't as good. Since when was it a thing to post your stats for the whole world to see?! To me my statistics are private and the only time I ever tell someone my stats are when I send my media kit out in emails. I hate that I compare my blog and it's success to others. I hate that I feel down about my stats and constantly compare them to other blogs. I hate feeling like I'm failing because of a fucking bunch of numbers!

We need to stop deeming our self worth and whether we are a "good" blogger by what our statistics say. I need to remember that someone taking time out of their day to leave me a comment is better than getting X amount of views per day. I need to remember that blogging is about sharing my content. I need to remember that my blog is more than my statistics. We are so much more than statistics.

I'd love to hear your own opinions on statistics and about others sharing their stats?

Till next time,

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  1. I love this post so much! I'm the same as you, I constantly compare myself to everyone and I know it's wrong but I think it is human nature. I love your blog so much and you are smashing with every post. Now I'm off to binge read more of your posts!! :) xx

    Sarah | WITCHFACE

    1. I do the exact same! It's so easy to become obsessed with it all. I'm trying to turn my blog into a full time business and of course stats are important to me! But we should focus on our milestones and try not to compare. Everyone starts somewhere! Great, honest post :) x

  2. Such an awesome post Robyn!
    I think everyone's a little guilty of doing the comparison things - it's human nature. However recently I've just not let it get to me and I've been having so much more fun :) your worth is defined by numbers 💖 Iamfoxxtailz | alternative style diary

  3. I really related to this post, since moving to Wordpress my stats are always there & before I rarely checked them. It's nice to see my stats rising & being steady but I also understand the pressure to constantly improve. I'm always worried my content is rubbish & I'm not doing well. I wish blogging was as simple as it used to be but for now I'm trying to focus on what I want from blogging & what comes along with that is as it may.

    Your blog is fab Robyn so I always love seeing your content!!


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