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23 September 2017


Something you may or may not know about me is that when I'm not blogging, I'm teaching a bunch of ten year olds! I have started my first year as a teacher this month and am responsible for a class of ten year olds throughout the week. Since starting back at school, I've had to think a little more about how I dress and how even though I am a teacher, I can still represent my alternative/ goth style.

At school, I am known as the goth teacher, this was a nickname the kids gave me- which I thought was pretty funny! I am definitely not your typical teacher- my dress sense is very much still alternative and I actually go by Miss. Robyn, instead of using my surname. I have lost count of the times I've spoken about personal style on my blog and why this is so important to me. When I'm at school, I still want to feel like myself and represent who I am through how I look. Fashion has been my way of expressing myself for so long now, that I didn't want to change or feel this pressure to dress a certain way because of my job. I will never be Miss. Honey, I will never wear floral print dresses and have an apple on my desk- it's just not me! But, I am a kick ass teacher who will teach children that they can be and dress however they want! I guess for a lot of children they've never seen someone who looks/ dresses the way I do- I get called "weird" and "strange" by children all the time!

I didn't think there would still be this stereotype surrounding goth/ alternative looking people, but since being in education, it makes me sad to say there still is. I've found that people don't like something that is different to their version of "normal" and I have faced hostility, mainly from parents because of the way I look. I've had people say I shouldn't be a teacher and that they wouldn't want their child in my class because of the way I look. The worst I've had is a parent saying they wouldn't have their child being taught by "some goth". It hurts. It hurts to know that people still judge others based on the way they look. I've had it before and I'm sure I'll face this prejudice and stereotype throughout my career. I'm so lucky to be in a school that do accept me the way that I am and embrace what makes me different! Being able to still feel like myself and express who I am- my nose ring, alternative style, winged liner etc. is so incredibly important to me, even at work. This is who I am and why should I change?

Faux Fur Coat- Zara // Black Tee- Pretty Little Thing // Tartan Trousers- LoveTooTrue // Belt- My Dad's haha // Bag- Cambridge Satchel Company // Shoes- Dr Martens

I've loved being able to find ways to incorporate my style into my work wardrobe and have been loving these tartan trousers. I've wanted a pair like this for so long and these are just perfect! I still want to look professional and I feel like these trousers and my shoes are still professional, whilst still representing my goth side! Since it's Autumn and the weather has been slightly colder, I have been wearing my black faux fur coat which I adore! I am a teacher. I am also a goth. I will always stay true to my alternative style even when I'm teaching. Besides, I like to think I'm a pretty cool teacher!

How do you stay true to your personal style whilst at work?

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  1. I love this! I think its amazing you still ensure you keep true to your own style. I'd be so worried in certain careers I'd have to feel like a sheep and be like everyone else - its nice to see this isnt the case for you! Im also deeply disgusted by the remarks you've had from some parents!!! GET A GRIP. Keep being your amazing self <3

  2. I love this post!! I never knew you were a teacher & I can't believe how judgmental parents can be. They never judge on talent just on appearance which is a horrible thing to teach their children. I hope you keep slaying in your goth looks because they are fabulous & I'm sure the kids love it!!


  3. I love that you still stay true to your style. The parents really need to get over themselves - all they are accomplishing is setting an example for their kids that it's OK to be judgmental. Definitely not the example children need!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  4. Those trousers are to die for!! I have wanted a pair like them for ages! You look absolutely gorgeous Robyn! xox

  5. One of my teachers at school used to wear New Rocks and an Alchemy Gothic belt buckle. As someone who was a little alternative, he was my hero!! xx

  6. Fuuuuuming at the parent who said the 'some goth' comment! How can they not see the awful lesson THEY are teaching their child? Hope the child grows up to be full goth, that will show them teehee!

  7. I'll never understand why some parents thing having their children exposed to lots of different kinds of people is more damaging than them hearing horrible comments about those people. Hypothetically I'd much rather my own child be accepting of others no matter their differences than be judgmental of them. SO proud that you stay true to yourself, it's a brilliant lesson for the children you're teaching!
    Juliet | notcapulet.co.uk

  8. People can be so damned short-sighted and ignorant. Just remember this. No matter what anyone says about how you dress, they've lost because you're dressing the way you want to anyway. All they can do is talk and stare.

    Okay off my soapbox! I'm interested in becoming a substitute teacher. I am over 40, I have dreadlocks and I dress somewhere between hippie and Goth. Oh! And I am an African-American goth. Not a lot of us in the subculture, but we are out there. So, I'm accustomed to people staring at me. I refuse to dress in a way that's not authentic to me. Out of respect for the school district, of course I will tone it down. But I'm not going to dress like everyone else. It's just not me. That said, your tartan pants and Creepers ROCK!! I have two tartan skirts but didn't think about tartan pants until I saw your photo. I put a pair on my eBay watch list after seeing you in them!

  9. Fabulous. I have been teaching for 9 years and my students think I am a vampire (in a good way ha ha). I think it is important to express yourself, but yet still remain professional. Children need to know that there people do not fit into one box. Others on my staff do not care in the slightest that I am alternative, and I have rarely encountered a problem. Good for you, you look fabulous.

  10. This is so awesome! I would have loved to have a "goth teacher" when I was dressing more goth. You look professional and true to yourself. What awesome modeling for the kids.

  11. I have a delima of dressing how I want v.s. Teaching. I'm not exactly gothic but I feel way more comfortable in black. Glad to know it can be done!

  12. Hello, I've been a ta for a while and taking the plunge into teaching and starting my pgce in September and I'm.so worried about how I'll be perceived seeing as I have purple hair and an alternative dress sense. The school for my home placement are fantastic and are fine with me but I'm again worri3d about parents. Hoping it won't be too much stress, you look fantastic!


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