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29 October 2017


I've been creating monthly favourites for a while now, so it seemed only right for me to create a Halloween special monthly faves post, right?!
October is probably my most expensive month because... well it's Halloween and I have no self control or will power. I am the kind of goth girl that celebrates Halloween all year round, so I use this as my opportunity to shop for new pieces (particularly homeware!) that I will have up and use all year round! Every aspect of my life gets vamped up to a whole new spooky level around this time of year and it's like Halloween completely takes over everything about my life!


When I said Halloween takes over every part of my life, I wasn't kidding! Even bath time gets a spooky upgrade at this time of year! This month I have been loving the Halloween collection from Lush, I'm a huge fan of Lord of Misrule so managed to pick up the Lord of Misrule bath bomb to go with my shower gel. I also love Hex Bomb because it just creates the most gothic bath- there are a ton of different bath bombs which turn your bath into the most witchy, spooky thing which is perfect for this time of year! There's even a black bath bomb- which is my personal favourite!


I decided not to feature any of my Halloween themed clothes because honestly, I could create a whole separate post for them and I've been featuring them throughout October, so I thought I'd focus on the accessories I've been loving this month! H&M has been my favourite place to go for jewellery this month and I have been obsessed with this skull hands choker and skeleton hand! It makes me feel like the ultimate goth and just adds to my Halloween vibes! I have featured this bag so many times on my blog and it one of my most prized possessions- I love it that much! My Killstar coffin bag is just everything I want in a bag and I always get compliments on how cool people think it is and their not wrong! My makeup is always pretty gothic, it's party of my personal style, but I do feel more prone to wear a dark lip around this time of year. I am more experimental with my makeup around this time of year, so I've been reaching for my black or blue metallic lipstick to add a lil something extra to my makeup look this Halloween!


Homeware has to be my favourite thing about Halloween and some of my favourite pieces I've had for a while and some are new favourites I've picked up. My favourite thing I've added to my Halloween home collection is this pillow! I've always wanted a Halloween themed cushion and this is just perfect, it's without a doubt the best thing about my room. I also picked up this BOO light sign from Morrisons and it's incredible! I think orange is a colour that really works with black so I love how this breaks up the amount of black I have, whilst still being in my gothic style! I never thought to look in supermarkets for Halloween homeware as I thought it would be the cheaper more temporary decorations, but I was wrong! I've always had a dream catcher since I was little- I used to have really bad nightmares and now I just like having one by my bed. So, when my best pal and goth queen Jess gifted me this black one, I fell in love with it!


Art prints are one of my favourite thing about this time of year and you can't get much better than WITCH CRAFTS. This is an art store run by my favourite goth Jess from Heart Shaped Bones and honestly I can't get enough of her prints! They are so perfectly gothic and the detail and effort she puts into each one just blows me away! I'm so glad that I can finally display these in the way they deserve because they are honestly so precious to me. I am insanely lucky to have such talented friends and I am working my way to having this whole wall filled with these prints of my favourite gothic characters - any plans for The Nightmare Before Christmas prints?!  ;)

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween edition of my favourites post, did you pick any Halloween bits you loved this month? Let me know what they were!

Till next time, 
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  1. I think I read this at the perfect time because I just literally placed an order with Witch Crafts! I love your Hallowe'en haul - I also have Hallowe'en stuff up most of the year. The cushion is just so cute!

  2. Oh my goth, I love the frames you used for your Witch Crafts prints! Where did you find these beauties? *-*

  3. You've got some great items here, I love the prints! I also have fallen in love with the Hex Bomb bath bombs, specifically the black one haha - the day that I was posting about it all over social media I was having WAY too much fun!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca


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