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24 October 2017


To celebrate Halloween, I've teamed up with the ace peeps over at Blue Banana, to share my love for my favourite holiday with you and show you how you can add a little Halloween spirit into your own wardrobe this spooky season.

I'm so glad to be sharing some more of my usual casual outfits with you on my blog, whilst I've loved creating my Burton Babes series as a part of this years Blogoween, I've really missed it! Being a goth girl and Halloween lover, Halloween has always played a huge part of my life and this includes my personal style. Personal style is all about me getting the chance to represent who I am through what I wear. So, Halloween plays a pretty big part in my personal style and I like to try to represent this throughout the entire year! However, it is definitely around this time that my wardrobe just becomes a whole lot spookier!

 A huge part of Halloween for me is being able to celebrate my love for this holiday in my everyday outfits. If you are wanting to embrace this season, there are some really simple ways you can do this, without dressing in full Halloween costume every day (although wouldn't that be the dream?!). I've decided to start this mini series with Blue Banana, with the one and only King of Halloweentown himself, Jack Skellington! I'm a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas so how could I pass up an opportunity to style this t-shirt?! I decided to add my goth/ grunge twist to this outfit and pair it with my denim skirt, fishnets and the most insane gothic choker I have ever owned! Adding a t-shirt featuring your fave Halloween film or character is the perfect way to share your love for Halloween and add a lil gothic twist to your style!

T-shirt- Blue Banana // Skirt- H&M // Boots- Jadon Dr Martens // Fishnets - Primark // Choker - H&M

If you love this t-shirt as much as I do, you can find it here and
make sure you check out Blue Banana's Halloween collection here

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  1. I would not expect h&m to sell that choker, it's incredible!!

  2. Love that shirt! It was definitely one that caught my mind when I was on browsing their stuff!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  3. I need that t-shirt in my wardrobe!


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