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11 October 2017


I have always had a bit of a weird obsession with True Crime. I love reading about murders and serial killers, learning about how the murder happened and feeling a lil bit like a detective! That's why My Favourite Murder has quickly become my favourite podcast to listen to- as it features two badass babes each talking about one of their favourite murders each episode. Taking inspiration from this, I decided what better post for Blogoween than to share a rundown of some of my favourite murders. Get ready for some crime!

5. Cropsey  
A serial killer that lured their victims to an abandoned mental asylum, how could I not include Cropsey?! Crospey is an urban legend from Staten Island that parents used to use to scare their children into going to bed early. However, in the 70s this became frightfully real when Andre Rand began murdering children. There are a number of theories behind these murders and my favourite (if I can say that?) is that Cropsey would lead children into an abandoned mental asylum before murdering his victims because that's just insanely fucked up! Some of the children that went missing during this times bodies have never been found.

4. JonBenet Ramsay 
Who isn't fascinated by the murder of pageant queen JonBenet?! Okay so for those of you who haven't heard of this story, let me break it down for you. JonBenet was a six year old pageant queen in the 90s, who was found murdered in her own home on Christmas Eve. Now here's where it gets fucked, so there is a ton of weird shit surrounding this case like the ransom note, the fact she was murdered in her own house and no-one knew?! and a bunch of other crazy shit. So, who do I think murdered JonBenet? Well, I have two main theories. 1- Her mum murdered her because of her own jealousy. The typical stagemom who got jealous of all the attention her daughter was getting and just snapped one day. There have been multiple specialists who have analysed the handwriting of the ransom note and concluded that it is identical to Patsy Ramsey. 2- it was her brother who murdered her accidentally through jealousy or anger. Can you imagine having a younger sister who was a pageant queen and got all of the attention?! I'd be pissed too! So he got mad, killed her and then their parents instead of loosing two children decided to cover it up to protect him. The fact this is still unsolved, kills me!

3. The Black Dahlia 
When it comes to murder, is there anything better than necrophilia and disembodiment?! (I promise, I'm not a freak!). The Black Dahlia was one of the murder cases that ignited my interest in true crime. Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia) was an aspiring actress that was brutally murdered, with her body being cut in half and she was severely mutilated when her naked body was found by a mother and toddler taking a walk. She had been surgically cut in half, which led police to believe this was committed by someone in the medical profession. My interest in this case comes from the fact that this is still an unsolved murder! The man or lady who did this walked free and never paid for the crime (or crimes, ya never know!) that they committed! I also love all of the conspiracy theories surrounding the murder such as; her having a backstreet abortion (proved to be not true!), this was a one night stand gone wrong, this being a doctor and the man who came forward years later to say he believed it was his father that killed Elizabeth Short. I feel like this is what makes The Black Dahlia such an interesting murder, the fact that decades after the murder took place we are no closer to solving how and who murdered The Black Dahlia. 

2. Anneliese Michel 
Does this count as a murder?! Imma say it does. Anyways, I find this whole case beyond strange and I could honestly talk about this for hours, this was actually the true story that loosely inspired The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Anneliese was a young woman, who was accused of being possessed by a devil and subjected to exorcism by two priests and her parents. Over a ten month period, Anneliese was subjected to 67 rites of exorcism with some sessions lasting up to four hours! By the time she died in 1976, she was malnourished, dehydrated (as a result of being semi-starved for almost a year), she weighed only 68 pounds, had broken knees as a result of the rituals she was forced to perform and had pneumonia. I find the whole practice of exorcism really fascinating, that her parents genuinely thought their daughter was posessed by the devil! I've researched this one a lot guys and honestly, I still don't know what happened to Anneliese. There are tapes that do sound like something unlike herself but there are also medical reports to suggest that she was epileptic and had a history of mental health, so I don't know. What I do know was that her parents unrelenting belief in the church led to them neglecting their child, refusing to get her medical attention and ultimately murdering their own daughter. It's just a pretty fucked up murder, which is why I'm so fascinated by it! 

1. Ted Bundy 
Awwh Ted Bundy. Is it wrong to say I love Ted Bundy?! Does that make me too weird? I don't know what it is about Ted Bundy that I'm so interested in, he just fascinates me. He is without a doubt my favourite serial killer! I think what I love the most about serial killers is researching their childhood to see why they became a killer. The psychology behind a serial killer is just so fascinating to discover. So, Ted Bundy was raised believing his mother was his sister after being born out of wedlock in a religious family. Later on in life he fell in love and then took the break up incredibly hard, so much so that it is said his victims all seemed to resemble his first love. Ted Bundy was such a intelligent,charming young guy, which is what makes him the perfect killer! So, for me the most fucked up and twisted act a person can commit is necrophilia - to violate a body that way after their death is beyond horrific- also one of the reasons Ted Bundy for me is my favourite/ worst serial killer. There's just something about Bundy that makes him my favourite. I know I'm weird.

So I hope in a really weird way that you enjoyed reading some of my favourite murders and don't think I'm too insane! If you love true crime like me then please share your favourite murders and let's have a true True Crime chat!

If you want to learn more about these murders or research any murders yourself. Then check out Biography.com and crimemuseum.org

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  1. This is easily my favourite blog post I’ve ever read! I’m obsessed with serial killers and Ted Bundy is my absolute favourite, I love him too so it’s not weird, I promise! I also find The Black Dahlia case so interesting, but one of my all time favourites is the Manson Family murders! Another case I find really interesting is the mysteries behind the Cecil Hotel, if you haven’t read up on that then I’d definitely recommend it, it’s insane.

  2. I am also obsessed with true crime. My personal favourite, that I have spent countless hours watching documentaries and studying, is that of H.H. Holmes. There is just so much planning that went into his murder house, and the fact that something so big and in your face could be going on and yet still overlooked has always fascinated me.

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  3. My favourite murder is the BEST I'm also so fascinated by true crime so glad there are so many murderinos out there

  4. YES! I love true crime! I have something similar in my drafts but I've been tentative to post it, I'm not sure if the way I've written it makes it sound like I like serial killers as apposed to find them fascinating.

  5. Oh this was such an interesting read! I too am fascinated by true crime and murders, and you've a couple here I've made note of for future research! One of the most twisted cases I've learnt about is the Hello Kitty murder, I was researching it earlier this year and it's truly horrific, I'd recommend looking into it (that's such a strange sentence to type, but you know what I mean!)


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