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18 October 2017


So, admittedly this is my favourite time of year. Always has been, always will! Halloween is the one time of year I look forward to the most and when it is approaching Halloween, I like to make sure that I fit in as much as possible. I also feel like I'm a pretty good position on giving advice on how to have the best Halloween. If I were to go on Mastermind, Halloween would be chosen subject (or serial killers, but that's a whole new subject!). So, I thought I would give you my guide to making sure this Halloween is your best one yet!

Pumpkin picking / Pumpkin carving 

What is Halloween without scooping out the slimy insides of a pumpkin and creating a horrific masterpiece (that never goes how you plan!) onto a pumpkin?! I even went pumpkin picking this year, which was the best. I felt so at home amongst all the pumpkins and Halloween decorations and the best think about a pumpkin patch is that not only does all the money go to an independent farm business - they are hella cheaper than supermarket pumpkins! I went on the hunt for the perfect round pumpkin and I'm pretty pleased with my pick this year. I've been checking out design on Pinterest and I can't wait to see if I can bring my idea to life and win the pumpkin carving competition my family hold each year!

Getting spooky with decorations 

Do I want to even think about how much money I've spent on Halloween themed items this year?! No, no I don't. In all seriousness, I have no issues spending a ton of money at this time of year because I'm a spooky goth who treats everyday like it's Halloween. So I have Halloween decorations up all year round! For me, this is a time to buy home decor that I love because it's all spooky and this is the only time of year I can do so! But, buying a few cheap decorations (most of them are being reduced now!) is a really ace way to get into the Halloween spirit. It can really get you excited for Halloween, through surrounding yourself with a few bits that signify this spooky season. A few of my favourite new pieces this year include my haunted house pillow and my BOO light sign.

Watching all the Halloween movies

Is it even Halloween if you haven't binge watched your favourite movies?! This could mean watching your favourite horror/ thriller movies or if you're not into more gory/ scary films then they're are a to of Halloween films that aren't scary. Obviously my favourite director is Tim Burton so I tend to binge watch a ton of his films at this time of year. A bunch of my favourite films to watch around Halloween include; Beetlejuice (always!), The Addams Family, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, Coraline, Edward Scissorhands and if you're looking for something slightly scarier my favourite thriller is Se7en.

Channelling your inner spook

This is the perfect time to inject a lil bit go goth goodness into your wardrobe. Okay, so admittedly I also dress like it's Halloween everyday (or as I'm often told- ready for a funeral). If you are wanting to join the dark side for this spooky season, now is your perfect time! The shops always become filled with items that are perfect for showing a lil spook appreciation; such as PVC, lace and a ton of black being my go to staples this season! I also love clothes that pay tribute to my fave gals and guys of Halloween, such as; my striped trousers as tribute to Beetlejuice, my red and black striped jumper as tribute to Freddy Krueger and my white collared dress as tribute to my girl Wednesday Addams. Channelling your inner spook is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit!

Planning a Halloween party!

For me, my Halloween is not complete unless I go to a Halloween party, it's just my ultimate Halloween activity. My aunt always throws an amazing Halloween party and we all take Halloween very seriously! It's just the perfect way to spend my favourite day of the year! With my family, having various competitions and listening to the best playlist!Is there any better excuse to get dressed up in your favourite Halloween costume and go and have the best time?! I'm definitely winning best costume this year!

There you have it, my guide to making sure you have the best Halloween! Halloween is just the best time of year and I hope you are excited for this spooky season! What are your Halloween must haves/ dos?

Till next time,
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  1. I've never been pumpkin picking! Didn't even know that was a thing over here! Next year for sure!
    Absolutely adore the "boo" light and the little black pumpkin with orange polka dots. mega cute.

  2. I absolutely adore the haunted house cushion!! We don't really do anything for Halloween but we do try and watch a scary movie!! xx

  3. My husband laughs at me when I start stocking up on random decor things this time of year. I think he has finally embraced the skeletons all over my jeep (like on the steering wheel cover, the air freshener, the little skeleton figure that sits on my dash, etc). He tried to argue the first year that it should come down after Halloween so I bought my skeleton figure (affectionally called Bones) a santa hat... lol

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  4. I can’t believe I’ve never been pumpkin picking, I would love to go but I feel like my boyfriend would absolutely hate it! I plan on making him watch The Addams Family movies with me though, as they’re my favourites..

    Andi | www.andthenzen.co.uk


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