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26 October 2017


I'm back with another brand collab post with Blue Banana - this time to show you another way you can add a lil horror love into you everyday style!
The Night of the Living Dead is one of my dad's favourite horror films and when I saw this t-shirt on the Blue Banana website, I knew I had to own it! It just screams Halloween- the black and white images, the screaming women, the lime green text! When it comes to horror and thriller films, the older classics will always be my favourite! Give me Night of the Living Dead and Psycho over any of the newer films any day! I feel like horror has become one of the hugest genres of film and the thing I love the most about this genre of film is how these films have progressed over time with new technology and new angles to focus on to really give us a scare!

Halloween is without a doubt my favourite time of year|! As I often say, for me every day is Halloween! I just love everything about it and being able to share my personal style with you at this time of year is just amazing! I have loved sharing my fashion costume posts with you all and I have been blown away by your reaction, but for me there is nothing better than getting to share my every day style with you, because I really do dress like it's Halloween every day! I also got to go back and shoot in my favourite ever location- the abandoned church ruins, which just makes the perfect backdrop for my spooky style!

T-shirt - Blue Banana // Trousers - Love Too True // Boots- Jadon Dr Martens // Choker - H&M

I love this photoset and I am in love with this outfit, a huge thank you to Blue Banana for this insane t-shirt that just adds to my Halloween style!

If you love this t-shirt as much as I do, you can find it here and
make sure you check out Blue Banana's Halloween collection here!

Till next time,

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  1. Haha bloody love the last photo of you!
    Awesome outfit gal awesome post x

  2. That shirt is amazing, and far too perfect this time of year!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca


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