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30 October 2017


TOMORROW IS HALLOWEEN!! As you've probably been able to tell over Blogoween, this abandoned graveyard is my favourite place to shoot! I always end up coming back her and I just feel like it makes the perfect backdrop for my photos and my style of fashion. There's something about a graveyard I will always love, I find them really peaceful. I love reading the gravestones and imagining about the people who are laid there's lives and what their life must have been like.

So it's no surprise that I am a fan of the gothic look- the majority of my style is inspired by darker fashion and dressing a lil alternatively. That's why Halloween is my favourite time of year to shop for pieces to add to my wardrobe, as this is the time of year where black clothing and my favourite fabrics such as; mesh, lace and velvet take of the shops!

This season I have teamed up with Blue Banana to create a series of posts to show you how you can inject a lil Halloween spookiness into your every day wardrobe. Being a fan of gothic fashion, I'm always on the look out for new pieces that I know will add a lil dark alternative edge to my every day style. I'm a huge advocate of creating a personal style that is individual to you and one of my main beliefs with this is that I feel your clothes should represent your personality and your interests. When I collaborated with Blue Banana, I got the opportunity to go onto their site and this t-shirt instantly caught my eye! I love the baseball style of it and it has a bunch of bones on the front so what's not to love?! I've always been interested in bones and anatomy so this shirt is perfect for me! I decided to pair this with my favourite trousers in the entire world! PVC is a fabric I have been collecting for a while and I will pretty much buy anything PVC! I feel like it really brings out my dark alternative fashion style and I feel like it is the perfect combination with this t-shirt to make me feel like the true lord of darkness! I love being able to express my interests and personality through my outfits and I have loved being able to show a little extra Halloween love with the help of Blue Banana.

T-shirt - Blue Banana // Trousers - New Look // Boots - Dc Martens // Skeleton Hand - H&M // Skeleton Choker - H&M 

I seriously love how these photos turned out and have loved creating this mini series for Blogoween in collaboration with Blue Banana! This has been such a dream collaboration for me because I feel they do so much for the alternative fashion community!

If you love this t-shirt as much as I do, you can find it here and
make sure you check out Blue Banana's Halloween collection here!

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  1. This shirt is so much fun, I love it! I might just have to add it to my 'must have' list from there (I already have one on the go for when I have some free cash haha)
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  2. This trousers is gorgeous <3

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo


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