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27 October 2017


A huge aspect of Halloween, that i feel has really increased it's popularity as a holiday are as a result of the film and TV industry and how they have often used Halloween to create some truly incredible pieces of film and TV. Just like the majority of people, I love to sit down and watch a film or binge watch a TV series. However, I am incredibly picky when it comes to choosing which film / series to watch!

I have to truly love what I am watching otherwise I will just become bored, switch off and probably just sit scrolling through twitter instead of actually watching what I've put on. I am particularly selective of what I watch at this time of year because it's my favourite time of year and I often feel like what I watch just isn't good enough! I know a lot of us won't be going out this Halloween (myself included!) because of work commitments, not liking going out or whatever reason! There is no better way to spend Halloween than dressing in your best Halloween costume and watching some good spooky TV, so I've compiled a list of my favourite films and TV shows for you to binge watch this Halloween!


Rating- 7/10 
If you're wanting a true classic horror film then psycho is the perfect one to start your love of the genre! I feel this is a good starter film as it is very true to the horror genre but as it's quite dated, the scare factor isn't as bad as more modern horror films, for me I find this more funny as a result of that but I have a dark sense of humour...

Rating- 8/10 
The original It is the best It in my eyes, you can't beat a classic and Tim Curry just makes the whole film creepier! I love the plot line and the actors in it are amazing, it just takes a while for the storyline to get going as it was originally a two part drama, so is slower to get to the action and is a pretty damn long film!

The Addams Family
 Rating - 9/10
When it comes to watching films at around this time of year, I prefer the children's films such as The Addams Family. The Addams Family are just the perfect family and I would love to join their clan. Wednesday Addams is who I aspire to be in life and I just think the casting in this film is the best! It's also one of the only films I've watched where I think the sequel is as good if not better!

Rating- 10/10 
We all know by now that Beetlejuice is without a doubt my number one film! I just love the strangeness and quirkiness of it all and Lydia Deetz will forever be my Hallowqueen! I love her whole style and this film really helped me accept myself for who I am- strange and unusual.


True Crime Documentaries
I love True Crime and there is no better way to spend Halloween than watching and learning about the real life horror stories that happen! I'm fascinated by serial killers and how they work- I love getting into the mind of a killer so will happily watch any documentary on any serial killer / unsolved murder.

Autopsy: Last Hours Of 
Rating- 9/10 
If you haven't watched or heard of this show then get yourself to Netflix ASAP! This show takes a look at the autopsy reports of famous celebrities to analyse how they died and their lifestyle leading up to their death. My dream career is to be a crime scene analyst and conduct autopsies because I just think it's incredible how our bodies hold so much knowledge and have the answers! If you are wanting to watch this show I recommend the episodes of Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger and Nancy Carpenter.

Stranger Things
Rating- 9/10 
Stranger Things 2 is out today! I feel like this is a show pretty much everyone has watched and I am yet to meet someone who doesn't love this show. The whole plot line is pretty incredible with lots of surprising turns, which I love from a show!

Rating- 10/10 
Okay so if you are going to watch anything from this list please let it be Mindhunted! This is my new favourite show and it's a Netflix original series. It's based on the real life story of how they coined the word serial killer and how this was defined. I am obsessed with this show and each episode I enjoy it more! If you are a true crime fan, like me, then you have to watch this!

So, there are my top recommendations for all your viewing pleasure this Halloween! Let me know which ones you've seen, which ones you've watched as a result of this and what you thought of them!

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  1. Stranger things is so good! Can't wait for series 2! Have you watched American horror story on netflix?


  2. Can you even have Halloween without The Addams Family and Beetlejuice? Seriously? lol I am just getting into Stranger Things and I am LOVING it!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca


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