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25 November 2017


Have you ever seen a trend and knew that you wanted to try it so bad but didn't think you'd be able to pull it off?! That's how I felt about the corset trousers trend. I kept seeing these stunning laced trousers and desperately wanted some myself but was pretty self conscious about how they would look. I eventually took a risk and ordered some and damn I'm so glad I did!

Corset trousers are a pretty bold statement piece. I didn't know whether I'd have the confidence to wear them out of the house. Confidence has been something I've struggled with my entire life and a huge part of my lack of self confidence surrounded my body image and how I looked. I would never have had the confidence to wear these a year ago, let alone take pictures of them - whilst other people walked by (oh the joys of being a blogger!). I am now at a place where I have never felt more confident in how I look and who I am which has me in the best place mentally. I used to be exhausting feeling so negative and hateful towards myself that now I am completely embracing this change and new found confidence and it feels so good!

I have been a lover of the lace corset for a while, loving the products and pictures I've seen of others rocking the trend! I was really apprehensive when I first put these on and I nearly sent them back but I'm so glad I didn't. I feel like they are such a cool piece to have in my wardrobe and fit effortlessly with my style. They are such a versatile item of clothing that they can work with a number of different items and styles. Keeping in line with my goth/ grunge / rock style I paired this with a crop top as I really wanted to show off the whole of these trousers, as the corset detail goes all the way up and paired the whole thing with my red leather jacket. Wearing all black is when I am my most comfortable and confident, so adding a splash of colour helps to make this a stand out outfit.

When I first saw how these photos looked I thought damn girl, I look so freaking good!! So, without wanting to sound cocky or an egotistical maniac - I am so proud of my body and I how I look because I am feeling confident as hell! I have been on such a journey with my self image and confidence so to finally feel like I'm at the light at the end of the tunnel is the best feeling in the world! I'm going to show off what I spent so long hiding and hating because I freaking deserve it! My body may not be perfect and I do still have flaws and things about myself I dislike but I've learnt to love my body the way it is because it's mine and damn it's a pretty good body to have *insert smirking emoji here*!

Trousers- Nasty Gal // T-Shirt - Zara // Leather Jacket - Zara // Boots - H&M 

I am so in love with these photos - they came out amazing and I just feel like you can tell how confident I am in these photos, which for me just gives me the biggest buzz! This outfit is a little daring for me but I feel confident as hell and it's just the best feeling!

Till next time,

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  1. Gorgeous look ! I love this pants <3

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo

  2. You look absolutely stunning!! I love the trousers on you and I think the bright jacket takes the complete attention off the trousers so it just looks like an incredible outfit that you look super comfortable in!! :) xx

    Golly Miss Holly


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