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11 November 2017


Have you ever been reading a blog or following a blogger and thought just how cool they are?! Well that's how I feel about my girl Foxxtailz. Jess always serves major inspiration over on her blog and this post is a blogger inspiration post with a twist.
Tartan/ check fabrics have been a material I've always found myself drawn too - maybe I secretly wish I was Scottish! I feel like tartan/ check trousers are a true alternative staple and I am constantly seeing my fave alt girls rocking tartan trousers! I brought myself some green checked trousers and I absolutely adored them but I always wanted a pair of traditional red/green check trousers. I'm also the kind of person that once I have an idea in my head about a specific piece of clothing or how I want something to look, I won't settle for less than the image I have in my head. I had been on the hunt for tartan trousers for so long when I saw Jess rocking a pair in a blog post, I instantly sent her a message asking where she got them from and because Jess is just the most incredible person ever, she actually said she had a similar pair and asked if I wanted them?! So, this outfit is true Foxxtailz inspiration, as these trousers are actually Jess's.

I have had the chance to meet some incredible people, as a result of blogging. I have been a huge fan of Jess and her blog for so long now and I'm incredibly lucky to call her a friend. Jess and I just click and share a lot of the same interests and have the same (incredibly sarcastic and slightly inappropriate) humour! She is one of the alternative bloggers I love the most because of how unique her style is and how she constantly experiments with her style. We are both alternative bloggers but we are at pretty much opposite ends of the alt spectrum - with Jess having a bright and colourful style that is inspired by Harajuku and expressing your life through bright colours... I am at the goth end of the alternative spectrum - I have a dark style palette and am inspired by the gothic genre and take a lot of inspo from TV & Film. Our style clashes a lot of the time, but we are still true alt girls! It's amazing that despite us having completely different styles, we can find pieces- like tartan trousers, that we can share and link us together! I know that Jess would have styled these trousers in a completely different way and would have shot them in a different location (somewhere in the Nothern Quarter - am i right Jess?!). That's what I love about alternative style, we are all different and we can all express our individual style in our own, unique way!

I really loved finding all the Autumn leaves and I think this might be the first (and last) time I smiled in a blog post >.<  Thank you so so much Jess for the trousers, I freaking adore them!

Till next time,
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  1. That look is so much fun, and I definitely think the plaid is working for you! I don't currently own any plaid pieces with the exception of a couple scarves but I have been thinking I should change that... I mean my father's side of the family is one of the big Scottish clans so I should tap into my Scottish side, no? lol
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  2. You and Jess both totally rock!!! Loving the tartan trousers

  3. You're making me miss my tartans!

  4. Jess is so freaking amazing isn't she? Don't know what I've done to deserve such an amazing friend.
    Love the way you've styled these, they look bomb af!


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